22 thoughts on “High-Rise Moscow”

  1. I’m just amazed how much wide open space even a big city like Moscow has. Russian architecture is equally fascinating.

      • Ahahah he’s thanking why?

        Is Eger the master architect of Moscow? Is he the owner of Moscow?


        He’s thanking just because he’s searching a scrotum to lick.
        And i’ve a bad news for you Josie: you are his favorite.

        • Why are you taking credit for this, just because you live in that city.

          It ‘s like if I say that Einstein was a genius and a jew answers: “thanks”.

          Only an incompetent fool like you may take credits when he doesn’t have them.

          • Yo, why can’t you be proud? When you’re favorite sport team wins, you’re proud even if you weren’t on the field… Same here

            • Right observation Mr. Watson….

              But if my favorite sport team wins and somemone say that the team has played well, i don’t say “thanks” as i was in the field.

              I always talk (or i’m proud) using the third person.
              Is a grammatical concept.
              Not so hard to understand.

              • I don’t know about you dude, but in Russia, when we win a championship, we usually say WE did it! So if a guy says Moscow is great, i would easily answer thanks…
                PS: You need to explain me how do you say “I’m proud” using third person…

  2. It isn’t MKAD. Just another road to center of moscow near Krylatskoe. This saucer is place for restaurant in future.


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