29 thoughts on “Cool Illustrations By Waldemar Kazak”

  1. The old gal with her modernized transportation is quite the thing. Wouldn’t want to be taking any heat from her cat.

  2. i like many of them, not so much the one about the fat american astronaut, but oh well. its a steryiotype about us americans, but not all of us are fat, and definetly not our astronauts. lol i liked the bear one also

    • Lol relax that was just joke. You americans like to show russians as always drunk bandits with bears and everything, so we do the ame thing about you))))
      btw I don’t know why there is Moscow metro label behind the astronaut.

      • The pics have a message in them.America landed on the moon.America has a obiseity problem and instead of the golden arches it is the M for metro,the artist put Russia in the pic.

  3. Those pictures are really, really good. This artist did those extremely well. My compliments.

    P.s. the fat Astronaut was too funny to edit out IMHO. God bless stereotypes, for without them, humour would be pretty dull.

  4. am i the only one to spot some presidents in the drawings like nicolas sarkozy mahmoud iranian president putin ossama bin ladin and all that?

  5. Thanks a lot, I was searching for Vladimir Kazak after my computer broke down, and I didn’t remember his name.

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