79 thoughts on “The Meat Holiday In Moscow”

  1. i don’t know if these people are poisoned or if it’s the society or the social scientist who indoctrinated these people

    • Lot’s in the USA also, there is a big zombie fest here also. USA make the most zombie movies also. USA also is the only country who has a “zombie attack” plan.

    • Hey “lithuanian” let’s not get jealous because your pathetic closed-minded country doesn’t know what art is nor does it have the creativity to do something artistic.

  2. BIG PEDOPHILES SCANDAL IN LITHUANIA – please help !!!!! Judge decided to return a little girl to her mother who was “selling” her daughter to pedophiles.. ….www.hotcommentary.com/index.php?id=19

  3. Very creative with the props, I like the idea where the guy had a drill stuck in his head and skeleton hanging out of the girl’s mouth.

    • Seriously! Really talented folks here! I like the ribs poking out on the one guy, there are some photos here that make you wonder what they used and how long it took them to apply for a test result. These are really just incredible.

  4. 70 years of Godless communism, so no surprise.

    What a bunch of demonic freaks.

    I bet the old woman in the chair was thinking young Russians today are not worth the blood spilled during WWII.

  5. Ah, the misguided idealism of youth. None of them were alive during the war that they just celebrated victory over. None of them were alive during the siege of Leningrad when people were eating anything they could get their hands on including cats, dogs, rats, the zoo animals and, it is rumored even resorting to cannibalism. Nope, none of them were around for that.

    What exactly were they protesting or trying to say? What was the point?

    • I failed to see any connection between the Siege of Leningrad and this event (not that I like or dislike it)And what “…Ah, the misguided idealism of youth.” has to do with this too ?

    • You’re not too bright are you Steamed Mcqueer? If you knew how to read you would know that this is not a protest. It’s a holiday (a parade) kind of like the gay parades they have in your country.

    • Hey “steamed Queer” you’re not too bright are you? If you didn’t lack brain cells (as you clearly do) you would bother to read the title which clearly says that this is a holiday (Parade) not a protest.. You know? Kind of like the gay pride parades you have in your country.

    • Seriously, just chill man. Its a flash mob, some people just havin a laugh, they do it in the USA, Britain, France, and plenty of other countries.

  6. Looks like a bad horror movie
    Get me away from here
    Never take out one of these mutants
    Is this humour or reality ?
    Run as far away as you possibly can

  7. These guys seem too much free time. With such enthusiasm would be better attended. While they were satisfied with masquerades, thousands of Chinese intensively “bite granite Science”

  8. These zombie flash mobs have been happening here for a while now. In Detroit, and the smaller town Ann Arbor… they happen all the time. This isn’t to protest anything and it isn’t to make a point. This is for fun. Stop reading so far into everything.

  9. i think the guy near the bottom with the fork in his head is the best, the way the blood is trickling down his face from the wound.

  10. Hey “lithuanian” let’s not get jealous because your pathetic closed-minded country doesn’t know what art is nor does it have the creativity to do something artistic.

  11. …. a zombie flash mob event, wow, some people just have way too much spare time on their hands !! 🙂

  12. Really cool pics. I stumbled these earlier tonight on a Russian site’ it’s good to be able to read what the actual event was for all the zombies.

  13. its called the zombie walk. and it occurs in numerous cities world wide. I was at the Vancouver, BC one last summer. fun times. great pics!

  14. It’s also called the ultimate act of conformity, for a generation that somehow equates individuality in all aspects of their lives with following the crowd.

  15. I love seeing zombiewalk groups from around the world. This group looks like they had a great time. Lots of interesting makeup and costumes!

    For everyone confused by what these people are trying to “say”: they’re saying they’re having a good time and enjoying life. If you don’t like it, don’t look. They’re not harming you or anyone else 🙂

  16. I love a good zombie walk. I did grow up in the zombie capital of the world though. Enjoy a good zombie fest or zombie walk? Come visit Pittsburgh! 😀

  17. This is decadent to society .. it creates social decay ,and it serves to undermind our revolutionary vigilance …
    by creating decomposing sub-cultures with in the proletariat … all this stuff is a cry for planed economy .

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