36 thoughts on “Overturned Tank At The Kremlin Walls”

  1. Thank goodness Russian AFV’s are sturdy machines. Losing such a venerable tankkiller is the worst that can happen.

  2. It’s clearly a viral marketing for the new episode of the EA GAMES: Need For Speed – Tank Madness Racing

  3. Where is the fail ? It is a usual way how tanks and other heavy machinery are loaded on trailers. First the tank is turned upside down, than a trailer pulls along and lastly the tank is turned in normal position and ends up on the trailer.
    The only fail in this case was that by the time that SU-100 was being put on its feet the trailer was already gone.

  4. That’s an historic WW2 tank killer, more than 65 years old. I hope it wasn’t too badly damaged. The only major damage I can see is to the auxiliary external fuel tank.

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  7. Cigarettes & fuel

    No big thing. The cig tip is not hot enough to ignite the gas. We use to clean MGs with a bucket of gas/solvent on the tank and just butt out the cigarette in the bucket. Only time when it becomes dangerous is when the gas has been shaken up, causing a lot of fumes….and someone lights a match. Gas does not burn…the fumes do.

  8. “Press ‘X’ to flip tank”

    HOW HAS NO ONE SAID THIS YET? haha (yes i know theres a difference between real life and Halo, lol)
    or if this was 1998:
    Maybe Star Fox was driving: “Do a barrel roll!”

    but seriously, that was REALLY close to becoming part of the river, maybe dont load your tanks where they can plunge into icy water?

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