16 thoughts on “Climbing to the Top Star”

  1. Mmmh, since I’m afraid of hights some of those made me nauseaus, but they’re nevertheless extremely beautiful!

  2. Please tell us what building these photos were taken from. They’re terrific and those crazy ass guys in the last picture deserve a tip of the hat. I wish more of the photos on ER were annotated. Great Job guys!

  3. I am a photographer… but there is no way EVER that I’d be able to do that! Way too afraid of heights.

    Beautiful pictures, I applaud anyone who can climb that high up and look straight down. (I get scared just looking at that picture!) 😀

  4. I used to live in the Stalin building (Severn Sister) at Barrikadnaya up until one year ago. It’s where you can see the zoo lake from. Fantastic buildings that the Russians never seemed to want to live in because they were ‘old’.

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