24 thoughts on “Some Stupid Accidents”

  1. Somewhere in Texas in an underpass, an acquaintance of mine was riding shotgun in a dumptruck that managed to do this with a cement bridge so hard it busted the hinges and hydraulics, leaving the dump bed sitting there in the middle of the road.

    He said the experience was up there alongside the fellow he worked with as relief driver who liked to drive with his feet up on the dash. Except somwhere along the 8th run, the guy managed to hook the shifter into reverse, causing the Allison automatic to leave its guts and a lake of hydraulic fluid in the middle of the interstate.

  2. They did make me smile 🙂
    I think not having a trucker map (that shows where bridges and other overhanging structures are) is probably the real cause behind those accidents, rather than having too much to drink.

  3. Yes Komrades, I believe they need maps of designated trucking routes so they know about these traffic sign overhang thingy and it probably wouldn’t hurt not to be drunk on vodka either!

  4. Eles me faz sorrir
    Eu acho que não ter um mapa caminhoneiro (que mostra onde as pontes e outras estruturas estão) é provavelmente o motivo real por trás desses acidentes.

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