From Toys to Royce

Russian Rolls Royce

When passing thru Russian suburbs on a train you might have a rare chance to see $450,000 Rolls Royce Centurion car resting crashed on a railways sidewalk among the common for such places trash and tires, like an unwanted toy that is not interesting for the kid left in the dark corner of the yard.

Russian Rolls Royce 2

But there are days when kids love their toys, wash them and care a lot. And the plates say that this is the same car..

Russian Rolls Royce 3

Russian Rolls Royce 4

27 thoughts on “From Toys to Royce”

  1. This is maybe a self-made Phantom.

    Probably a fake body over a cheap base.

    Check the picutres of a real Phantom!

  2. And… what’s the story about it?

    If it’s crashed, why the owner didn’t fix them? Simply bought a new one, perhaps?

  3. This is a custom-built, but real RR Phantom Centurion. It was built for some Las Vegas celebrity, but it turned so ugly that it makes you think it’s a replica – I was thinking the same at the first time I saw it.


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