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  1. dont forget that you also attacked independent countries that proclaimed themselves neutral and occupied many of them – baltic states and eastern europe – for 50 years after ww2 ended, took down their independent governments, killed and sent to gulags millions of innocent people, and sent in their place your civil occupiers.
    germany has apologized to jews and others for its evel deeds. you russins havent. even more youre still treating neighboring countries as your biggest enemies. and its 70 years after ww2 has ended.

      • agree! “Success is never blamed”

        and those “neutral” countries captured by Nazi were supplying German army with everything, they were producing weapons for them so what is so neutral about them?

        • dont forget about your own collaboration with hitler when dividing eastern europe and baltic states. especially the one when secretly signing molotov riebentrop pact.
          and even if were fighting together with ss soldiers they knew very well that germans are the least of evil.
          and in most of cases people from these small countries didnt even have the choice to fight or not to fight. you both big agressors – russia and germany – were torning them apart because they simply happened to be in the middle.

          • It’s not collaboration when you are forced by one or the other side, it’s being in the no man’s land that gets you in trouble. You are given a choice: sign or die. Nazis are comparable to USSR from that perspective.

            Neutral countries in this case were a very good strategic location, no matter what resources they had. Sides where switched multiple times during the war and it wasn’t the country’s initiative.

            So they’re right to name whoever came in an enemy.

          • I suggest you read “Mein Kampf”. Hitler, with the backing of the German Catholic Church and German Corporations, was clearly the aggressor, and perpetrators of the worse atrocities. Yes, Stalin was a prick, but nothing in comparison to Hitler and his henchmen.

            • You are forgetting the fact that Koba very probably killed much more humans than Dolfi. The difference is that Koba had more time available and his methods of genocide were less effective than the industrialized death organized by Treue Heinrich.

              • Dont forget that Koba wasn’t russian at all. He could even hardly speak russian language. Surprised? That’s the way western propaganda washed your brain! One more surprise for you. In the mid 90th in georgia the “museum of russian ocupation” was opened. Dedicated the 30th of the last century, at that time one georgian freak was at the power in the soviet union who occupied the georgia (the land of his origin) and other “independent” countries. Western media turned it in the commodus way to disgrace the russians. You mean freaks just ate without thinking (in other words got brainwashed).


                • Stalin at a reception of army commanders: “I raise a toast to the health of the Russian people, not just because they are the leading people, but because they have a clear mind, a hardy character, and patience.” It’s all very well that he was a Georgian by birth, but Russians sure didn’t complain when he boosted Russian nationalism again before and during the war.

                  • so what? what you guys have in your mind is the reflection of the american movies (most of them are banned in the russian veterans’ societies due to distortion of reality). well, actually i can use all your negative statements about USSR against the U.S.A. or Europe instead… In Europe or USA even greater level of propaganda than it was during the Soviets. For example… The nationalism in the US is much greater than in nazi germany, the only difference is that american nationalism is hidden. What is more dangerous – public nationalism or hidden one? Of course the hidden one. While you writing here meaningless messages american goverment just taking the controll of all over the world spitting out the propaganda slogans against russia and other undesirable countries. Unfortunately everything they say should be turned back to US… because most of them are just hypocritical lies. Most of the people here cries out that russians are so evil nation that millions of years ago tried to invade Finland, Czech republic and so on… heh USA novadays (last 60 years) – participated in over 20 different wars, more than 300 military operations in over than 70 countries… Yeah, right guys, they used to bring democracy and friendship to those poor countries… i see, that’s what you are soaking up from TV since you were born.

                  • sorry, cannot answer because my answer got banned due to the “freedom of speech” at this server (as well as in the U.S. or E.u.r.o.p.e.)

            • This doesn’t change the fact that until June 1941 USSR and nazi-Germany were allied countries. Stalin even sent a telegram with congratulations to Hitler when France surrendered.

              And by the way, that “with the backing of the German Catholic Church” is nonsense – but for that youw ould need some knowledge of history that goes beyond some slogans.

              • Don’t forget that the PMs of GB and F were the ones who signed the Munich Pact with Hitler year before M-R Pact, while Stalin offered his armies to protect independent Czechoslovakia. And it was Poland who took part in occupation of independent Czechoslovakia together with Germany in 1938

        • thank you we dont want your ”success” and everything else your hiding under that term.
          its interesting how some people always will find a justification for making others suffer.

        • we dont want your ”success”.
          its interesting how some people will always find a justification for making others suffer.

      • In short… National Socialism ( nazi ) …. and soviet socialism ( communist ) equally brought mass murder and suppression to ALL people they controlled.
        Winston churchill said it best : “The vice of capitolism is it’s unequal sharing of blessings , The virtue of Socialism is it’s equal sharing of misery”.
        When socialism of either the fascist or communist stripe becomes the government the individual is suppressed or eliminated as the “state” dictates. Gulags , KZ Lagers , …summary executions were practiced by both forms of manipulation on grand scales. The genocidal starving of the Ukraine by stalin to the tune of 20 million people , the genocide of jews and anyone not down with fascism under hitler….. the brutal chinese “revolution Part 2” under mao known as “the cultural revolution” murdered millions of chinese in the name of their god like government and holy mau. Any “ism” which subverts , silences , murders , imprisons the people in some twisted form “for the greater good of” is a cancer on humanity. .

    • Also don’t forget that if not these soldiers – that you never would be born and did not know that there is a peace on the earth

  2. In Latvia we have these stories floating around in public. When thousands of innocent people from Riga were sent to gulags, russian civil occupiers were sent in by Moscow to take place in those still warm flats in Riga. These people were so uneducated that they were drinking from bidets and they were going to theatres in pajamas because they thought those were some kind of dresses.

  3. In Latvia we have these stories floating around in public. When thousands of innocent people from Riga were sent to gulags, russian civil occupiers were sent in by Moscow to take place in those still warm flats in Riga. These people were so uneducated that they were drinking from bidets and they were going to theatres in pajamas because they thought those were some kind of dresses.

  4. by censoring my comments that are not spam or hateful but on simple social matters is very communist style. and I thought that englisrussia is all about showing russia in all its bright and not so bright sides to west. nothing has changed i guess.

  5. And the gloriously forged victory in Finland? What about that, please tell 😉
    Americans say “Don’t mess with Texas”, Europeans and Russians say “Don’t mess with Finland”.

  6. Why did I get deleted? I was just wondering how Russia can claim to be victorious in Finland. I wasn’t being offensive or spamming. I was wondering. Finland won in traditional military terms, only lost because at the end of the war because we’d not switched sides to the overall winning team.

    • commies dont like truth. my comments are also constantly deleted because they contain it.
      but yeah ha ha they lost big time in finland. such a fail.

        • Ehhh… not so. Your order is wrong: Finland was only “full of Nazis” well AFTER Russia attacked. Finland asked for help from lots of countries, and the only place that said yes was Germany.

      • While I have no problem admitting that if they didn’t have to get to Berlin quickly they would have defeated us. The initial part of the war was a total show up for them.
        I would just like an honest Russian’s opinion of the matter, I guess there are none that can take defeat easily.

    • Depends on how you define victory. Yes, Soviet troops suffered great losses in Finish war. But they did move the border 150km inside Finland, and it is absolutely one of the most important victories pre-WWII. Without this buffer USSR would have definitely lost Leningrad to nazis, and probable the entire war. 1.5 million people starved to death in Leningrad, but 5 other million were saved and the city did not surrender – thanks to big sacrifice (and, probably, a lot of mistakes by the generals) to expand during Finish war.

      • That’s in your definition of pre-WWII. Most other people consider that to be part of WWII (“The war is generally considered to have begun on 1 September 1939” says Wikipedia). Your involvement in WWII didn’t start in 1941 when you were attacked by Germany but already in 1939 when you attacked other countries.

        Peace-loving Russia attacking a neighboring country (with a population perhaps 2% of Russia) without provocation. A bunch of heroes, indeed.

        With superior materials and manpower you still didn’t succeed in annexing the country like you did with a number of other small neighboring countries.

  7. In l.a.t.v.i.a. we have these stories floating around in public. When thousands of innocent people from r.i.g.a. were sent to g.u.l.a.g.s., r.u.s.s.i.a.n. civil occupiers were sent in by m.o.s.c.o.w. to take place in those still warm flats in r.i.g.a. These people were so uneducated that they were drinking from bidets and they were going to theatres in pajamas because they thought those were some kind of dresses.

  8. Yo, people. I hate Communism, always have, always will. However, let’s give credit to the millions of then-Soviet soldiers and civilians who served, fought and died to help defeat the Nazis. Let us always respect their sacrifice.

  9. Picture 29 shows Soviets as welcomed liberators of some Czech village. They came back in 1968 with their tanks as despised occupants.

  10. A couple of stats for y’all to keep in mind:

    – Germany used ~85% of its military resources against Russia.
    – Germany lost ~88% of its men fighting against Russia.

    • Some more, covering the wars between Russia and Finland:

      Finnish dead: 90 000~
      Russian dead: 330 000~

      Finnish wounded: 200 000~
      Russians wounded: 570 000~

      Finnish captured: 4 500~
      Russians captured: 70 000~

      Finnish civilians dead: 2 000~
      Russian civilians dead: 7 000~

      Finnish tanks destroyed: 50~
      Russian tanks destroyed: 3 500~

      By the end of the war Finland had advanced as far as St Peterburg.

      That’s what you call a glorious Soviet victory huh?

      Facts, they don’t lie.

      • We Russians have the old ‘cannon fodder’ approach to war – send in all the men we have and since there are a lot, big chance that winter will start or the enemy will run out of resources or both and Russians WIN!!! Unfortunately, with enormous losses. Patched up with ‘heroic’ medals and ‘honor’… but still dead.

        • Yes. We Russians love our country, but hate the state.

          Overlooking that we put ‘the state’ in place and keep it there. Democracy is an empty word so far here. We like ‘strong’ men in charge. Like Koba. [Stalin].
          But their power is based on fear and repression. No one seems to understand that link.

      • You’re right, facts don’t lie. In the end the Soviets gained about 10% of Fnnish territory in the winter war and won the continuation war a year later, today Karelia is still Russian.

  11. The war which could be lost, the lifes which could be saved if not cleaning of ranks. Only superior numbers and work of soldiers won the war not equipment or leadership.

  12. I think this thread makes us understand that Finland is a great military power and the world should tremble at the thought of great finnish soldiers. Finns are a bunch of opportunistic scavengers who got what they deserve.

    • Well who wouldn’t scavenge all those lovely tanks you left lying around to aid in your ultimate destruction.
      Face it, you couldn’t fight Finland. Not even your hugely superior numbers could.
      The Second campaign against Finland was so badly flawed, your military couldn’t even encode its radio transmissions properly.

      Read these figures again:
      Finnish tanks destroyed: 50~
      Russian tanks destroyed: 3 500~

      How can you call that opportunistic? It was outright superiority.

      What we deserved? Freedom, to be classified as one of the best nations in the world, I guess being an opportunistic scavenger is a pretty good deal.

      Tell me, why do so many Russians run to live in Finland? If Russia is such a perfect place?

    • If by “opportunistic scavengers” you mean “people sitting around, minding their own business, while Stalin decides to act on that Molotov-Ribbentrop pact that says Finland now belongs to Russia, but Finns not agreeing as they want to be Finns and not Russian outpost so they defended themselves against an illegal agressor” then yes, “opportunistic scavengers” would be the right term!

  13. These men died for their country, to defend future generations, to let them live peacefully. We all are VERY lucky that we are living in such a peaceful time, and we should be grateful for this to those who died. And we should NOT make mistakes of the past happen again. If we spread hatred among nations we show great disrespect to great sacrifices of WWII.
    It really hurts when i read other comments in this thread.

    Happy Victory day all of you, no matter if you hate it or not. For us this day is really happy and at the same time it is really sad. To look at those who witnessed horrible events of WWII passing away – one after another…
    And sorry for my awful English)

  14. Great pics! History junkie who just found this site a few months ago…love coming over for stories and pictures from World War II. Thanks for all you’re doing….

  15. Sometimes this site has a problem with posting comments.Sometimes our comments await moderation-whatever the F ing hell that is about!!!Sometimes this site has the hickups and our comments dissapear and most of the time they reappear,and sometimes they don’t!

  16. There are filters built into this blog. If you use a nasty word or a word like s.o.c.i.a.l.i.s.m [also nasty ???] it will not be posted – ‘awating moderation’

  17. Dear All. Please do not forget that Finland used to be a part of Russian Empire broke away after revolution. Moreover Finland appeared as a result of Russian-Sweden wars (for those who didn’t know). War in Finland was an attempt of Stalin to restore the boarders of RE, though not very successful. In this way we can argue about English Falkland War or French war in Algeria which took place even later WW2. War in Finland was just within the methods and laws of that time.
    Concerning Great Patriotic War -endless thanks and respect to Russian soldiers who were just simple citizens and who carried out all horrors of this war and won. And stop posting brain-washed comments here.

  18. whats with all the propaganda photos, i expected real war photos, not photos from cccr posters and newspapers

  19. Guys, what are you talking about…
    They were real heroes. They fighted not for Stalin nor for the idea of com-ism but for their parents and wives, children and friends. Somebody sayed about Stalin’s collaboration with hitler, but what’s the guilt of the nation? Soldiers hated fascism, hated enemies who burned their families alive and they were ready to give their lives for the win over the invaders.

    • So Russia and its soldiers didn’t attack anyone but were dragged to WWII by the German attack in 1941?

      There are plenty of people whose families were burned alive by Russian invaders in 1939 and 1940. Go study some history.

    • Just like in all the movies and games right? haha, the classic Russian evil man. In history Russia never initiated hostility with an other country. The Tatars, Poles, Lithuanians, Mongols, French, Germans, Swedes all attacked Russians first at the start of the hostility of these country’s with Russia. All this country’s got their ass kicked and suddenly are the victim of the BIG RUSSIAN EVIL BEAR hahaah I love brainwashed people, you always make me laugh. If people really think Russians are this evil, don’t attack them that way you make sure this BARBARIAN INVASION!! won’t come to your land.

  20. Nail on head FromUkraineWithLove.

    Great photos of great Russian fighting men and women of the mighty Red Army.

    Bless em all !!!!

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