11 thoughts on “Soviet Posters Recreated With Barbie Dolls”

  1. Very neat, but it would’ve been even better if the author would’ve translated the text on the posters as well.

    • 1st one says: (in red): party (meaning communist party) says “we need it” (in meaning do it) – komsomol (Young Communist League) says “Yes, certainly” (in meaning we’ll do it )
      (in blue): to fields! to construction sites!

      2nd: Youth – to stadiums!

      3rd: (in red, top): We, Bolsheviks, would try hard, so every collective farmer would have a cow
      (in red, bottom): the boy says: Now I would have a cow!

    • 4th: Work as Darya Garmash!
      Pretty famous person who moved people to work harder during WW2

      5th: What did revolution give to a working woman and a peasant woman?
      (on a Barbie’s pinafore): Vidal Sassoon (this guy organized Jewish people against Nazi in London but in Russia this name more known as a brand of shampoo – nice joke BTW)

    • 6th: dairymaids, let’s try to obtain as much milk as possible from each cow!

      7th: Ask for pastry of Mosselprom (Moscow agrarian industry) government factories


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