29 thoughts on “Living Like a Tsar”

  1. It took him years to build that. And imagine a lot of people are paying a lot of money to have hand-made inside of their houses, and here is a normal guy who has it too.

    If he is happy, we are happy. But one thing I did not see and there were pictures of his family. I wonder why?

  2. He looks like he’s having a great time being a faux Tsar. He probably has some royal blood in his family tree.

  3. He is one hell of a craftsman, all he needs is gold leaves to overlay the tacky gold paint.

    With all those dogs I’m sure he doesn’t have or need a family.

    • Wow, I had to go back and look. That’s a LOT of work, and very nice. I wouldn’t want to have to build that, but it sure is gorgeous.

  4. If you want something done right, do it yourself! He’s the tsar of his house and his dogs are his (very loyal) servants.

  5. If the owner of this site/owner of the photos care about the guy thyey’d better remove the last photo with the address on the gate.

  6. Beautiful work. I’m glad he’s living his dream and living in luxury as he wishes. This gentleman is more than welcome to come beautify my house as well anytime.

  7. Anthony Hopkins is one of the veteran actors in Hollywood that should be given a lifetime acheivement award.:,;

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