Parade Rehearsal In Moscow

Parade Rehearsal In Moscow 1

It’s not an easy business to take pictures of the parade rehearsal in Moscow – but these guys managed to do it last year and repeated the feat this year as well when watchful guys of federal security service were hunting for curious photographers not to allow these pics appear…

In fact the rehearsal of the parade this year does not Β differ much from that one of the previous year.

Parade Rehearsal In Moscow 2

Parade Rehearsal In Moscow 3

Parade Rehearsal In Moscow 4

Parade Rehearsal In Moscow 5

Parade Rehearsal In Moscow 6

Parade Rehearsal In Moscow 7

Parade Rehearsal In Moscow 8

Parade Rehearsal In Moscow 9


22 thoughts on “Parade Rehearsal In Moscow”

  1. Thet’s why there was military units spotted parked near city

  2. Lenin’s tomb is kind of like the British royal family. It’s kind of odd and creepy, but you just can’t look away.

  3. I think this is some kinda communist thing to show off like that with all those weapons. China and North Korea do the same thing

  4. uhhhh, anyone else notice the red flags on the infantry transport vehicles? Anyone in Russia know what is on those flags?

    • i think _everyone_ in russia knows what is on those flags πŸ˜‰
      its victory day and the SU won the war so they take out the old SU flag

      • Yes, I mean the Germans used only 85% of their military resources against Russia and Russia only killed ~88% of the German military, so a reasonable person would think there’s something to celebrate.

  5. Is it still necessary to do this?

    “look at how everyone is fearing us” mentality has to go away.

    At least equipment is getting a good warm up.

  6. Victory Day is a big deal for them, its VE and VJ day for Us. This coming Sunday is and even bigger deal its Victory Day 65. What would a Parade in front of the Kremlin be with out all the toys?

  7. I think Stalin was a bad man indeed. But despite this the war was won. Actually not technology won the war, but faith of soviet soldiers. However it wasn’t good leadership. I think WWII was waste of lives in every side of world. Basically WWII end was not the victory. It was sign of the new silent war between empires. I think the end of the WWII should be not military parade showing the power and only creating nationalistic emotions, but memorial for soviet soldiers sacrifice and fight. And about nowadays:
    Don’t be so sad about soviet union. Now New Russia can choose to cooperate not fight with others. The real people are those who are working for country, not expanding territories or seeing that neighbors are bad. If Russia can took this road it will thrive. But if it took Soviet union path or military expansion way (as being seen now in political direction) Russia would be broken.

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