Border Guards Day

Border Guards Day

28th of May, 2010 is Border Guards Day in Russia. On this day traditionally border guards walk in the city, bathe in fountains and drink a little bit. This year the holiday ended with a successful fight 100 VS 100! They were separated by three platoons. About 70 fighters were detained, about 30 ones were pushed into ambulance cars, the rest were set free. Official statement: “the holiday is assigned to demonstrate combat strength of the platoons, to raise fighting spirit of soldiers doing their call of duty for their motherland and state, but first of all, on this day it’s customary to remember the feat of those who didn’t spare themselves to rebuff invasions of their country”.

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All Your Palladium Belongs to Us

Russian city Norilsk

This is Norilsk city. Located in Russian Siberia this city hosts the biggest in Russia factory producing “rare” metals. It is even can be called a world leader when speaking about the worldwide production share it contributes. That’s like 35% of palladium production, 25% of platinum, 20% of nickel, 10% of cobalt that are being made in modern world come from Norilsk, which makes it having number one of such kind factories in Russia. The price they pay for this is that 2% of total world CO2 production is coming from this city too. The area of 100 000 hectares (50,000 acres) around the city is consists of burned down forests. It was widely recognized one of the worst ecology city in the world and the average life expectancy is ten years less than the average values across the Russia.

Those photos were made there this May, and as you can see that’s not a warmest place in the world too. It’s common to have the snow in May out there.

But life is still going on. More than 160,000 people live there today, and children of the city still think that their place is the best place in the world, as we all someday thought back in our childhood.

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