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  1. Something is wrong with these pictures. They are nicely done technically but something is not right with them as a whole. When I look at them, I think “Starship Troopers” for some reason, and that is not a good thing.

  2. Very thought-provoking photographs. Another 20 years and you’ll be seeing another bunch of them from America.

    Kilo…the problem is with your brain not the photographs 🙂

  3. for most of the people in afganistan, chechnia or the baltics all these guys are just a bunch of murderers (nicely photographed)

    • Murderers in Baltics, Chechnya and Afganistan? Oh yeah… those who were fighting against….in Baltics–against a bunch of coldlhearted NAZIS, and murderous Muslim fanatics, terrorists and vile oppressors of females in Afghanistan and all that plus mafia in Chechnya. Sometimes it takes a murderer to fight a murderer.

  4. @he:

    This is sad but true. There are not many ‘real’ armies in the world ( read US, Russia, UK and so on ) that would not be labeled as murderers by somebody.
    Any portrait of an American Special Ops would be one of a ‘murderer’ as well, for some people around the world, so your point is moot given the circumstances.
    And please no bs like “free Afghanistan” please.

    • At this point it’s a FLOODmark! 🙂

      Such great photos. I just wish they hadn’t put dimaphotos dimaphotos dimaphotos all over the pictures so much. I get they don’t want their pictures stolen, but at this point it’s almost hard to appreciate the images because you’re peeping between the watermarks.

  5. http://media.englishrussia.com/russian_special_forces_veterans/38.jpg

    That’s weird, his tattoo is in English. No big deal, just surprised me that a Russian (or person from a Cyrillic alphabet-using nation) soldier would do so.

    (I love those striped tank-tops and want to get one some day!)

  6. Why does a soldier have English words tattooed on his arm?And another thing I am curious about,why is ifun.ru and mail.ru in English and not Russian?

  7. it’s not fake photos
    i have a friend who is same like this guys
    he work in special forces of russian army
    now i see him only 2 monthes in a year… because his work is to protect out country. he is very good man, not crazy murder.

    sorry for my english

  8. These are brave men that have been thrown into some horrific combat situations. I have nothing but honor and respect for them. As for wearing medals on other than dress uniforms, european countries have a different tradition, that’s all. I certainly wouldn’t want to take away their pride; let them wear what they earned with their blood.

    • My friend, it is not possible for steel bags, however, it is possible you are able to present your thoughts here. BUT… I will not hold my air!

  9. Very nice photographs, I find the faces interesting, You could change a medal or two and a different bit of head gear and you would be looking at guys from Delta, Green Beret’s Seals or Marine Force Recon. We are more alike Russian and America than either nation would like to admit. Oh and one more thing, Greeting for Victory Day 65!!!

  10. Great pics!!! You can see war in their eye. Just image some of the sights they have seen. I bet these guys could break your back in five seconds if you started something with them. I have been to Bulgaria and you can buy medals for 50 cents. It’s a shame, because so much blood and pride are embedded in the medals and now they are souvenirs for tourist.

    On a side note, I love this site. I always look forward to updates.

  11. I can only respect soldiers who stand their own grounds and borders. These are just dark blody legion. And pictures doesnt show their todays lives. Im sure they are forgoten and see no future. Any man can choose not to kill. They didnt.

  12. If you read a biography of their battle, you’d be surprised at their courage in a hundred times greater.

  13. All I can see is pain in their eyes mixed with guilt.
    But then again all the SF heroes around the world have similar stories…..
    Scarred for life….

  14. You change the uniform they wear, these vets could be from anywhere, most soldiers are the same inside, just the places that they serve in are different.

  15. @ kilo,
    what is “wrong” about them is that they are very serious people. among warriors there is nothing “wrong” about them. as a former u.s. marine i know, and i agree with “RKL60”.

  16. @ kilo,
    not criticising you, but i suggest you get hold of the original book, “starship trooper” by robert heinlein. you will find it a whole different story than the movie. the guy who made the movie has said he deliberately set out to trash heinlein’s story, after heinlein was dead and could not defend his writing.

  17. The veteran soldiers are my bigest fan. What amazing veteran I hope they have fun. And I hope they don’t go to war. I have no idea where they from but I wish them Good luck.

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