House In Tomsk For 10 000 000 Rubles

House In Tomsk For 10 000 000 Rubles 1

This house became a victim of the demolition program and the owner was offered 4 millions rubles for that. She refused and wished to have 10 millions …

Later there was a court and the house was valued for 1 million 960 thousand rubles. The owner refused even more and decided to bring into Strasbourg Court. The house, in its turn, decided not to wait for the court – it was flooded and whelmed with sand because of sewage breakout.

Now the owner will probably agree …

House In Tomsk For 10 000 000 Rubles 2

House In Tomsk For 10 000 000 Rubles 3

House In Tomsk For 10 000 000 Rubles 4

House In Tomsk For 10 000 000 Rubles 5

19 thoughts on “House In Tomsk For 10 000 000 Rubles”

  1. Ah…sabotaged & deliberately ruined by the Communist council so as to reduce the value even further! The owner should have taken the ‘generous’ first offer in the first place!

  2. It’s not about the house, it’s about the land. This happens all over Russia. Private property rights are not respected there, so if they give you an offer, you should take it. Some try to fight back and this usually happens. Courts and judges are corrupt and serve their masters. Those who want the land know the actual value of it and have the money, but they are the Rulers, for goodness sake, and they can think of better ways to spend that money, like buying another house in Florida or a yacht for themselves. As far as methods of persuasion – anything goes.

  3. This house stands on the federal highway and prevent its construction.

    The owner, 40 years old woman, only one of all the tenants refused initially proposed compensation.

    Now it threatens to burn yourself if municipal officials try to demolish her house.

  4. a real price for such a *** house is about 200k rub
    so 4 millions was a good price. And for 1 million 960 thousand rub you can get a lot more better appartments.
    So the story is not about corruption and private property rights…

  5. Your country could plan some where to make tunnel so it could take it some where to reclean the dirty water. your country could build a pond if they want to. So they could put fishes or frienly animals.Or they could use the water to water the plants if it has to grow a garden to grow flowers or plenty of trees. Why so the plants could absorb the rain water so your country could have less flood. For the safety for every citizen who live there.


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