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  1. That was not much of a balcony in the first place, it looked pretty poorly constructed. The result is a fairly small office, but it turned out pretty well, and the added insulation probably helps.

  2. I had never been in a old soviet apt and always wondered how big the balconies were… nice work in such a tight space

  3. Wow, that is an excellent job. Brilliant use of what was otherwise wasted (and ugly) space. A good flair for design too.

    It takes some talent to make use of such a limited space.

  4. In most soviet apartments balconies are used to store unneeded stuff, that “might sometime be useful” but usually aren’t.

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  6. cool idea where you are allowed to change the look of facade on your own. Our very own KGB would knock the door here in Finland. You would have to pay a construction company to “renovate” it back to the original and maybe get fined. Who knows, maybe even forced to move away from the appartment.

  7. I wonder if that balcony has some clothes hangers outside to hang the wet clothes to dry after they have been washed in the small front load washer in the kitchen.If it was a corner apartment the balcony would be much bigger.If it was on floor 1 or 2 there would be bars on the windows.

  8. Back in the USSR converting balconies to living space and changing the facade of the building was illegal and it was strictly enforced. The apartment buildings looked clean and uniform, just like they should. Nowadays, nobody gives a damn about such nonsense, so the city looks like it survived Word War III and is now populated by mutants, who rebuilt whatever was left using whatever materials they could find. People spend many thousands of dollars renovating their own apartments but not a penny is spent renovating the buildings. Regular people don’t seem to care about that too much as if their apartments were hanging in thin air all by themselves. Russians love and cherish their own apartments but they joyfully destroy everything around either by action or neglect.

    • EXACTLY Kilo! It is the same in, for instance, Bucharest. I have seen apartments within buildings that are unsafe to inhabit, and inside, units with beautiful “euro modern” kitchen, bath, fixtures, etc… Short-sighted desperation, and complete lack of knowledge about economics, engineering, real estate, investment, and total lack of common sense.

  9. I was in Kiev, and every multi-storey apartment building I saw had balconies with random wood/metallic framed windows seemingly built from whatever the inhabitants could find from scavenger hunting. It looked very strange. We don’t have that phenomenon in Sweden.
    You’re saying it has been like that only since the USSR fell apart? I googled this to try and find an explanation or even a causerie about it but with little result.

  10. Very clever. I like what they did with the balcony. Around here, some people also convert in-build closets into little offices. It’s really neat to see how space can be used so effectively.

  11. what’s an apartment ? Oh, its a dog box that poor peasants who cant afford a house on a block of land live

  12. Very good looking, but in the winter time you get after behind the insulation of the outside wall of balkony , very big problems with condensation of water. the balkony is heavy-beton, these beton have no insulation. sorry for my english, i write from germany.

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