12 thoughts on “Another Explosion in Moscow”

    Compressed air in a gas pipe exploded
    Monday during repair work in
    northern Moscow, killing one person
    and injuring at least two others.
    A passer-by was killed when an advertising
    structure from a nearby building
    fell on him. A worker and second
    passer-by were hospitalized with serious
    head injuries, while a third person
    received moderate injuries, a medical
    source told Interfax.
    More than 80 vehicles parked in the
    area, along Dmitrovskoye Shosse, were
    damaged, the Prosecutor General’s Office
    said in a statement. Windows were
    broken in 15 apartments because of flying
    chunks of concrete and asphalt, and
    four balconies were damaged, the statement
    Deputy Mayor Pyotr Biryukov told
    reporters at the scene that a criminal
    case had been opened to determine
    the cause of the blast and those responsible

  2. It’s a miracle that not more people were killed or hurt, even though that one casualty is more than enough.


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