Another Epic Fail Of Bureaucrats

Another Epic Fail Of Bureaucrats 1

This campaign with St. George Ribbons itself invites some questions. For instance, youngsters who annually use the ribbons for other agendas look rather weird.
But bureaucrats of Naberezhnye Chelny city have gone even far… All advertising constructions have been tied with these ribbons, they covered telephone numbers, addresses and other information…

Those who buy ads do suffer much from such celebration policy. The point is that the companies had to pay for the ribbons themselves and were given only three days for payment by the executive committee.

Judge yourself.

Another Epic Fail Of Bureaucrats 2

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Another Epic Fail Of Bureaucrats 5

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Another Epic Fail Of Bureaucrats 7

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22 thoughts on “Another Epic Fail Of Bureaucrats”

  1. Not only they were forced to pay extra cash for that ribbon (which they really didn’t want) but it also covered the main part of the ad, contact info… But thats how bureaucracy work, never give a s**t about others interests.

    • AH! Now it is clear! You are correct – all the phone numbers and website info is covered. That will teach the advertisers not to use billboards again, which will only hurt the billboard company.

    • Since 60th anniversary of WWII the ribbon of st. George is worn from 24th april until 9th may as an act of commemoration and remembrance, a symbol of victory and a reminder for new generation of the bloody war.

  2. I think what he is saying …This group of bureaucrats cover the bilboards with their ribbons. Then they give 3 days to the companies in the ads to pay for those ribbons. though I dont understand why they cover important info…possibly as a form of and we take the ribbon off….

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  4. I don’t like billboards any way. They look cheap and can really make the surrounding areas look ugly. They should only display the St. George ribbon instead.


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