46 thoughts on “The Great Patriotic War Dedicated”

  1. One of the woman soldiers is carrying a French 1892 Berthier Musketoon! It is incredible that this rifle was in still Soviet sevice in WW2…I imagine ammo supply was somewhat problematic!

    • …Great Victory for the people who gave their life to defeat the greatest evil of the modern history. And a miserable loss for those Baltic swines that chose to align themselves with this evil..

      • No, Prescott Bush was doing no such thing. That’s been debunked long ago — but don’t let the truth stop you! Besides, JFK’s father was documented to be for the Nazis and against Britain. He became such an embarrassment to President Roosevelt that he had to recall him — oh, and JFK’s first wife was married to a Nazi spy. Annulled, of course.

        It’s really sad when people have to wave the dead of war around and exploit their corpses to attack their political enemies. Millions of Russians died and, yes, it was tragic that it was because Stalin chose to ally himself with his “brother socialists,” as he said in Germany. But can’t we just honor the dead for five minutes without trying to use their deaths to score cheap political points?

        Oh, and the geneisis of the Bush-Nazis story — if you don’t look into your sources, you always should — is Granma, the Communist Party newspaper of Cuba. As the Associated Press reports, Prescott had been on the board of Union Banking Corp., whose majority owner, the Thyssen family of Germany, indeed had funded the Nazis against a feared communist takeover of Germany in the 1920s and 1930s. Family leader Fritz Thyssen broke with Hitler over the 1938 Kristallnacht pogrom against the Jews, was stripped of his citizenship and fortune, and was in a Nazi prison at the time the elder Bush sat on that board. There is no evidence that Prescott Bush, who owned just one share of Union Banking, had anything to do with the Thyssen political work in Germany.

        Some liars accuse the president of having inherited ill-gotten profits from a Nazi slave-labor operation near the Auschwitz death camp in Poland. But the Polish company in which Prescott Bush had an interest, Silesian-American Corp., was stolen by the Nazis in 1939, the year before Auschwitz was built.

        So, sorry! You’ll have to work to do actual research to back up your hatred for George W. Bush. I know. I know. That’s soooooooo hard to do and throwing aroudn the Nazi label is so easy!

        But you know, that’s just what the Nazis did by labeling anyone they didn’t like — often with false, trumped-up information.

        So if you’re looking for someone acting like a Nazi, maybe look in the mirror first.




    • In my town during 5 years of German occupation 4 people died. They were thieves and murderers. During 48 hours of soviets liberation of my town 36 people died. Half of them were women raped and killed. Two whole families were executed when brothers were trying to stop soldiers from raping their teenage sisters. Thank you Great Russian Army for killing people just because they are alive!!!

  3. Picture 12 is of Finns! (The white outfits, people on skis holding a flag.) Is that picture from the Winter War or part of this war?

  4. Thanks for the pics. So sad and interesting to watch. My Grandfather is born in 1917 and always tells me about the battle of uman and how they caught thousands of russians there. When I meet him next time I gotta write down what he went through there.
    greetings from germany

  5. I really can not understand what went wrong. Stalin and Hitler have great idea to rule all Europe. Stalin was teaching SS how to build lagers and hill more people. Hitler was selling fuel to Russia. Perfect tandem. So what went wrong?

  6. Did you guys remember that you lost the war to Finland even though Finland was highly outnumbered in every scale? Let’s not remember that since victorious countries write the history.

  7. a waste of human lives, on both sides.the red army did more terrible things then the Wehrmacht. MURDEROUS RED ARMY OF RAPISTS AND IT`S “GLORY” WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN.

  8. The picture with the men riding the tank under the banner… . What does the banner say? I think it says something about USSR, England & USA

    Excellent photos by the way

  9. Say what you will about Stalin and Hitler’s machinations, but never forget to be grateful for the service and sacrifice of the millions of Russian soldiers and civilians during World War II. The world would NOT have been a better place had the Axis won the war.

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  11. Ruskies, you need to change the name you use to described this war. It’s the second world war. It started on 1st Sep 1939 when Germany invaded Poland. Not on the day Germany broke the treacherous pact they had with you. Also, please remember you invaded Poland on 17 Sep 1939. Your acts of treason, murder, genocide (and all other crimes) will NOT be forgotten. Do not try to rewrite history or call sth a different name. Again – II WW, 1 Sep 39. Not the other way around.

  12. Poland didnt matter. 80% of WW2 fighting was in Russia thats including the pacific theatre. get rid of that an 90% of fighting was in Russia.

    saying your WW2 started in 1939 is a copout and a way for you westerners to try an think you really did much during that period. in reality it was Russia an Russians who sacrificed thier blood in the tens of millions and defeated Germany [27 million russians died for victory]. US forces only entered Europe in late 1944…a mere 7 months before Russians entered the crushed german capitol of Berlin. and in 1944…Kursk was over. stalingrad was over…Germany was on the run. This war is all about Russia. We dont need to call it WW2 to recognize how great our involvement was..without us Germany would have owned Europe easily.

    • you’re so wrong on too many accounts it’s pointless to show you, as you’ll never understand. yes, poland mattered as it was the first country to be attacked. and from both sides. the figures you’re quoting cannot be backed by reliable history. i guess only russian historians could promote them to falsify the history. rest assured that your version of history is know only to you, which makes it so much more ridiculous. high casualties in russia result from 2 points: recklessness of the army itself and the acts of your government. simply put, you never cared about people and could afford to lose as many as needed. which kinda puts you outside civilized world.

  13. To kater (post 20).
    Every war is a patriotic war for every nation that has to defend their homes. May Stalin be damned thousand times for all he had done to us, Russians, including his treaty with Hitler, etc.
    But those who fought against invaders were fighting for their homes, for their near and dear ones, so why to say “Ruskies, you need to change…”?
    Don’t say “Ruskies”, please, say “Russian government” or something like that. Every family in Russia lost somebody in that war, so why to accuse us? Did anybody want to die? Think of that, please…
    Be blessed, anyway.

  14. russia doesnt need to change…look at western europe and america now. they are overrun with illegal immigrants, muslims, thier cities are in decline. all the diversity they chirp about constantly has come home to roost and its not as great as they tried to lead everyone to believe. russia will surive since yes russia is rough around the edges. we have had dictators, we have been toughened up by hard times. and most importantly, our leaders are not selling the russian people out to make some quick money by bringing in millions of foreighners to displace us.

  15. Some American here claimed that Nazi Germany and USSR were “allies”. What ignorance! what imbecility! They were NEVER “allies” and all that happened was that they signed a Non-Aggression-Pact. Another American equally wrongly claims that the Great Patriotic War (which the American wants Russians to call “2nd World War” because American does not like the fact that it was Russia and Russia alone that did what nobody else could – beat, defeat, and destroy utterly Nazi Germany and it’s hordes of satellite-crony-Fascist allies) and this American wrongly claims that the War began when Nazi’s invaded Poland in 1939. Like hell it did! It began when elite Japanese Kwantung Army tried to drive up into Mongolia in 1938 and the greatest General in the world since the awesome Suvarov – the Mighty Georgi Zhukov – went down there with his Russian soldiers and proceeded to systematically pulverise the Kwantung Army in a staggeringly brilliant exhibition of Generalship at the Great Battle of Khalkin-Gol, a feat which radically changed the entire course of The Great Patriotic War.

  16. I presume “kater” is an American? because you spout drivel like one. You talk about so-called “democracy” but in USA the population has got a “choice” between two identical political parties, both made up of wealthy capitalists, many of who are in business together!!! What kind of a “choice” is that? If that is “democracy”, then democracy utterly STINKS.

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