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It appears that we have a new fashion. This time a fashion for blue pails. It all began when one driver took a blue pail from his son, fixed it on the car top and went for a drive. Soon he was stopped by road police. They talked, laughed but no accusations could be brought. We suppose such cases will happen often now…

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  1. Actually blue pail from far away resembles a police light. Flashing blue light means that this car should be let and not to be stopped. It can go through red light, etc (police, fireman truck, emergency, etc). but I think you already know that. Actually such light is illegal, but pail…

    • That’s what I figured too, obviously from a distance he’d be seen as a police car but up close they’d see a pail- good kicks for everyone as they realized they got duped by a blue pail.

      Now if they only made a rectangular bucket, with one side red and the other blue…

    • Yes, blue light is designed to use by emergency services, but actually other people install flashers and they can go on the oncoming lanes and on red light and so on. Russian drivers are annoyed by these people (deputies, ministers, friends of deputies and so on) and invented this action so that everyone (except for emergency services and some very important people like Putin) drive like others in traffic jams.

  2. Most likely these people are part of F.A.R., Federation of Russian Car Owners

    Jump-Starting Russia’s Protest Movement

  3. This is a protest against meegalkas – it is a source of a lot of controversy in russia, now famous in the song by the rapper MC noize – mercedes S666

  4. The blue pails on first two photos look exactly like blue flashing light that was commonly seen on Mercedes, BMWs and Porsches used by governors, Duma deputies, generals, ministers, prosecutors (and their mistresses, brothers, friends and so on) some several years ago.

    As a profound sign of authority, the blue flashing light (“migalka”) became a matter of prestige to have it for everyone rich and powerful. And so it also became a some kind of symbol of corruption in Russia.

    Traffic police did not bother to stop these cars for speeding and such; if the light was flashing or not did not matter actually – the mere presence of it on the car’s roof unequivocally meant trouble.

    Since then, though, the “migalka” abuse is getting restricted. And these blue pail flashmobbers contribute to the process.


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