33 thoughts on “The Post Apocalyptic Kremlin”

  1. Why the hell are the “survivors” living in a busted-up, thrown-together shack when they could be living in the ruins of the Kremlin?

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  3. Better yet, show us, your fellow travelers, pictures of Washington DC, the capital of US terrorism, in wreck and ruin in 2012!

    • Look here: http://www.render.ru/gallery/show_work.php?work_id=56744&gal_rub=48&gal_add=#work
      Caution: site is in Russian. The name of the set of pictures is “Kremlin Valley: The Seasons”. It’s the matte painting, a kind of collage. Take a look at other pictures of this author – he’s a very talented artist. The site itself is a well-known Russian 3D-art magazine.

    • Hey, Yourmum, have you been living under a ROCK for like 20 YEARS. Communism died out in Russia a long time ago! In fact, the communist party is outlawed in Russia now, and it is now just like us–a kleptocracy, run and managed by a few elites who have shame elections which allow other pre-selected elites to run (ruin) the country. Wake up guy!!!

  4. Looks better than the actual Kremlin. I might tour it if it really looked like that. – http://cyberstalkers.tk

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