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This cat’s owner is a fanatic wildlife photographer. Once he decided to stay for winter for five month in unique protected areas of Kamchatka and had no way to leave his pet at home. So the only option was to take two boxes with him – one for the cat, by the way named Ryska, and the other for cat-food reserve for half a year.

Living in a tiny barn standing in the middle of nowhere this guy began each morning with coffee and fried eggs with bacon. The smell of fresh fried bacon appeared to be a kind of a drug for local foxes. Dozens of their generations have never known that people are hunting them for fur so they fearlessly joined the photographer each morning to have a portion of delicious smell. Some of the foxes even competed for the right to come closer to the window in order not only to smell but to see bacon.

Ryska was spoilt with expensive cat-food and hunted local mice just for fun of it. In short, she was extremely unaggressive. But watching a pack of foxes impudently smelling master’s fried bacon was intolerable. Anywhere 50 meters far from the barn foxes were severely oppressed. Once Ryska even drove a frightened fox onto a tree! What is more she even used the same manner to bears. They were not so fearful but still preferred not to come close.

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  1. Cats, in the wild, are not a critter to mess with lightly. Domesticated cat retain their territorial instincts, as these pictures show. The web site “Today’s Big Thing” had a video back in February of a cat in Quebec, Canada, that chases after a young Black Bear ( ).

    • It doesn’t look like any intervention was required. An unprepared predator acting on its own would have to be pretty desperate to take on a domestic cat. Cats can be pretty mean spirited and dangerous when they wish to be.

  2. Ryska to foxes: “Hey, I’m the press secretary of that guy, that sits in there. So, get off or i ask him to intervene!”


  3. What a great story, Ryska certainly looks to be enjoying herself chasing foxes in the snow. Ryska looks exactly like my pet cat.

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