Ingushetian Traffic

Some ask, how is it to drive a car in Russia? Well if in Moscow or other cities

it has some specific but in general close to usual means, then in some more

Southern parts of Russia, they can get as interesting as this.

It was a normal traffic. Then normal people ran out of the cars, armed, argued a bit then continued their normal movement further.

They say its from Ingushetiya, a part of Russia near to Chechnya.

20 thoughts on “Ingushetian Traffic”

  1. those guys in chechnya and ingushetia are absolutely nuts. =)))

    and by the way, don’t call them “russians”. those are citizens of russian federation, but they are “ingushi” or “chechens”.
    neither them nor me like calling them russians.

  2. “Then normal people ran out of the cars” – these people are not normal, except if the author implies eastern standards for normality.

  3. Yes, it looks real. But theese guys – they are not russian. They are chechen or ingushi — wild mountain nations formaly included in Russian Federation. Nobody here calls them russians, because they are not.

  4. Ok this is a tradition, when you in the wedding cortege you fight for the spot right behind the car with the bride, the rule is, you can crash you car, no one is going to ask for the money for the damages, also the weapons being fired is also a tradition, to let everyone know that it’s a wedding!!! We have our own traditions, we don’t judge others, so relax, and yes we are high tempered, but normal people. Also the days of stolen cars in Ingushetia and Chechnya are over, people there can afford cars, and so they buy usually SUV’s, such as LandCruisers. Don’t be hatin!


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