With Car to Subway

From the title it’s hard to understand what is this video all about, but it is just straight as it goes – in Russia, in Moscow specifically, you can go to the subway station with a giant Toyota SUV scaring late night subway visitors and even police patrol (in the end of the video) won’t stop you.

14 thoughts on “With Car to Subway”

  1. J’ai beaucoup plus de respect pour Tom, après il savait que ses alliés ont voulu être voté au large, et il les défend toujours.

  2. That’s how Moscow police protecting subways from terrorists…. Respect to russian goverment, keep talking about advanced subway security systems while even some drunk driver can go there!!!!

  3. Who says that bears are on the streets in Russia?
    There are many horses on the streets, but no bears!
    These guys are pedal horses, thats why they do this. And policemen are pretty much pedal horses two.

  4. This is why I love your site! Russian people know how to be happy with a fellow man! Unlike in Finland, where I’m from, where everybody’s just jealous to each other!


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