10 thoughts on “Wounded Dinosaur”

  1. No matter how powerful the weapons of man, the mud always wins.

    Reminds me of a construction site here, they managed to stick an articulated skip loader in the middle of a clay field. (When hydrated, it’s like trying to drive on a greased board. I’ve seen four-wheel drive trucks get stuck in this stuff, their tires dug in an awesome depth of two inches, all the rocking in the world gains you depth with minimal forward movement.) So after burying the loader by 18 inches, the bright lights send out a crawler tractor to tow it out. Both pieces of equipment spent the next four months out in the field waiting for the clay to dry out.

  2. Behold the glory of the the motherland’s mighty modern army…. Driven by conscripts, soaked in vodka, on inferior roads. Thank Lennin there was nothing valuable or dangerous (or potentially explosive) in those launch tubes.

  3. A childish dream about power versus the reality… If their rockets are as good as their roads, then there is nothing to fear…
    And they still cannot feed their people…


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