9 thoughts on “Weird Russian Helicopter House”

  1. I would be all over that, if I was 10. These guys seem a bit old for playing army attack helicopter pilot, just sayin…

  2. The tail looks like a Comanche stilished, and the cockpit looks more lice a Kamov Ka-50, strange, but kool indeed.
    Best regards to ER from Argentina!

  3. “It was photographed near the Chelyabinsk city. It’s an actual house and people live there, at least in summer time.”

    Oh really…? It’s an actual house? Where are the interior photos of this actual house? And what people live there, and you know they live there in summer time?

    I don’t believe that you have any idea of what you speak about. You simply re-post the photos of others from other sites in internet. Then you add insipid comments, and a fictional storyline to go with the photos. Enough already. Fraud!


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