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  1. “calling it a big mistake and agression.”

    In which way being invaded by other country’s military forces is “a mistake”?

    Probably eartquake in Haiti was a mistake, too?

    And why the tags say “russian nature”? Lithuania IS NOT a part of Russia.

      • Unfortunately to what Tlk44a is saying, Lithuania has lots of frieds. Just watch, what George W. Bush has said in Vilnius in 2002, Lithuania entering NATO. The main idea starts at 2:00:

  2. Well, when you see photos of my country in blog witch called english russia ofcorse you wouldn’t like it. None likes russians in our country. That’s why we don’t like when we see some photos in blog like this. And we hate peoples who say that our national language is russian. If you dont know, so dont say anything…

  3. Mathematics: 1991-1945 = 46 years under ocupation (Soviet rule), not seventy. Fortunately for Lithuania, Soviet system didnt move there so many sovietizied russians and therefore almost all people living therer understand that Soviet rule was criminal war act against free nation.

  4. These copyrighted photos are stolen from a very cool project called “Unseen Lithuania”:


    And Lithuania is not Russia, so pictures shouldn’t be here just because it was some time ago. Why don’t you put up some pictures of Alaska and say that it was part Russia too? Or is selling your own land for pennies is not as cool as occupying someone ? 🙂

  5. don’t get it how these two correlates:
    photographer has made more than 50 flights on light planes around his native country Lithuania, ex part of Soviet Union.

    and this one

    Though some people of Lithuania don’t like remembering the seventy years under Soviet rule, calling it a big mistake and agression.

    though this beauty is created in soviet times?

  6. Exactly, wytas, it’s all about russian ignorance :/ There’s still a lot of russians who won’t accept or even don’t want to hear nothing about the fact that Lithuania is not a part of Russia anymore.. I can admit that, even though i’m a russian myself.

  7. haha, it looks way better from plane, than from ground.)
    plus skills and cameras..
    i’m russian, but’ve been living half of my life in vilnius.
    yeah, there’s still that opinion problem about soviet times.
    and i can’t understand other russian people , who live in lithuania about 20 years, are citizens, and don’t know a word
    in Lt language

  8. Very lovely photos. Kind of looks like some parts of eastern Canada, except with much older architecture, and buildings.

  9. Instead of appreciating the beauty of your own country you concentrate on “tags”. That is pretty pathetic and actually narrow minded to the point of being one of the biggest problems your country faces today.

    • Oh Musa… you cheap worthless cybertwinkie. Are you still demented psuedo-nationalistic g@y@guy f-tard???

      Why you not thank your RU psychologist, who bribed your RU judge, who bribed your hospital-prison nurse who let you loose?


      • And you are pretending to be who today my little hypocrite? Let me guess, if only you would. No matter, it would change every 30 seconds to one of your other numerous characters. In the meantime, stop fantasying I’m a g@y guy like you. That’s not an accurate description of me and you know it.

  10. “some people of Lithuania don’t like remembering the seventy years under Soviet rule, calling it a big mistake and agression”?????
    what is this? every true Lithuanian remembers it as a real mistake and agression because it was so. Please count how many Lithuanians were killed by Soviets and how many of us died in Siberia from cold and hunger.
    It’s the same as denying that there were no Fasism in Europe and no Holocoust

  11. editors of this site i advise you too put pictures of finland too in this site because you made a ”mistake” on them too. oh and eastern germany too. and poland and basically whole eastern europe. and pictures of usa too because of the ”cold mistake” you had for half a century.

    • don’t be pathetic, who cares about Poland from 16th century?

      and there’s no need to post about Poland on this site. Poles, as well as ppl from LIT, SLO, CZE, FIN, ROM, LAT, EST and others – we dislike this criminal and already falling country of Russia (not Russian people in general).

      Poland and Russia are are mutually exclusive, my brother.

  12. Once our biggest ally (to Poland) in 16th century, together we held a much larger part of land than France – Baltic sea to the Black sea and Aegean Sea!

    If I ever see posts from Poland here, let it be known! We were NEVER Soviet! But also 50 some years of Soviet imposition…

  13. Very nice pictures. When I hit the lottery believe I would like to visit the area… in the summer, of course!

    • Yeah, they did. But no one asked soviets to stay for 50 years. Or does so called liberation gives such a right?
      Funny thing that lithunia first time durring WWII was occupied not by nazi germany, but by soviet union in 1939 – during the same months as germany occupied poland!!! And from what lithuania was liberated in 1939? And then germans came. And then soviets again – for the final “liberation”.

  14. I’m not trying to start a fight, I promise… but didn’t the Soviets save Lithuania from Nazi Germany? That doesn’t justify 50 years of being a deformed workers state, but the legacy can’t be all bad, can’t it? Or can it?

    • Of course it can. Countries which had the bad luck of being liberated from Nazis by Soviets lost 40 yrs of freedom.

  15. on website Englishrussia.com pictures of Lithuania… You can try to show us some switzerland pictures… But why you call website englishRUSSIA.COM ?…

  16. Yes, the site has the right to publish photos from whatever it wants, unless it violates the copyright of them.

    But any media has also some moral obligations, to provide, at least, information, that’s correct and unbiassed. And, let’s look, is all right with this in our case?

    So, the text suggests “Though some people of Lithuania don’t like remembering the seventy years under Soviet rule…”, which sentence contains an untrue fact. Lithuanian SSR existed de facto from 1944, so the Soviet period lasted 46 years in Lithuania, not 70 years (we can add three another periods of greater communist influence in Lithuania: about 1/2 of year in 1919, a year in 1940-41, and a 1.5 year from the declaration of the independence in 1990 till recognition of Lithuanian stetehood by Gorbachev in 1991, but this will make 3 additional years only).

    Yet Lithuania was never “Russia” in the sense the authors of this site like to suggest. Especially Soviet Lithuania wasn’t Russia. (Earlier, Lithuania was incorporated into Russia since the end of XVI century till 1914, but it wasn’t made Russia. Local people continued to see their country as a separate entity, calling it Lithuania. Later, in 1944 Lithuania was annexed to Soviet Union not to Russia, when Russia was one of the 15 Soviet Republics). The single fact, that modern Russia inherited the body of the Soviet diplomacy and the Soviet nuclear weapons, doesn’t make Lithuania of the 1944-90 a part of Russia.

    So I see the text above as quite biassed. I’d like, if the text were like this: “We present here photos from a neighbouring country, that has many historical ties with Russia” instead of stressing, that Lithuania was a part of the USSR, as if it makes Lithuania suitable to English Russia. (BTW, i remember the Soviet years with the proud, as Lithuania along with Latvia and Estonia was one of leading republics in the USSR).

  17. Yes, i myself made a mistake here. Lithuania was incorporated into Russia since the end of XVIII century, not of the XVI century.

  18. For those that think it’s somehow a part of Russia – imabesils – it is not. Nazis have occuppied a large part of Russia in WW2, would you call that section of Russia Germany?

    The brutal Russian occupation and the rape of the three Baltic nations only ignorant would consider it a liberation.

    Thank You for showing these photos – beautiful – I am sure the photographer is proud of this display.

  19. Linas, you have made another mistake. Lithuania, was not incorporated (sounds to gentle) it was occupied by monstrosity earlier to Communism, the Russian Czar. After the occupation for not complying with new rullers the people were murdered and maimed regularly. Written language was forbidden, with a severe punishment if caught for teaching Lithuanian language to children. And you call that “Incorporated”?
    Please look into the above stated facts. Algis

  20. I got too involved in rebukig those that stand up for Russia, specially recent Communist brutality and did not enough praise and expressing appreciation for posting these beutiful photos.
    Please accept my complements. Also please distance from associating Lithuania with Russia. These two countries are only neighbors. Algi

  21. Well, here are few things i would like to say to the creator of this weblog. Firstly, I do enjoy this blog, great job you’re doing here. Secondly it wasn’t 70 years, it was “only” 46 (1944-1990), thirdly despite the fact that I kinda like the idea of you promoting Lithuania on this blog, but Lithuania isn’t part of the Russia, neither Russian or any other Slavic speaking country. In fact less than 5 percent of Lithuanian population are Russians, and majority of younger generation (including me) are unable to understand Russian language. So anyway I do hope you won’t put any new material about Lithuania in your blog. i am absolutely sure that in such a big country as Russia something interesting is happening everyday, you don’t need to look for interesting material abroad.

    Cheers and good luck keeping one of my favorite blogs, and quite possibly one of the most interesting blogs in whole wide world 🙂

    • It seems cute! “This blog is about Russia and its former soviet republics.” Can you say why these republics were “its republics”? Perhaps, looking similarly, some republics were Ukrainian due to heritage from Kievan Rus? Or some others were Lithuanian due to the heritage of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania? Or, Central Asian republics were Uzbekistani due to similar reasons? — Or perhaps our EU member states are all Belgian? — The USSR constitution declared republics as independent entities, that had transferred their defence and foreign policy to the central government and that had the right to leave the USSR — what all the 15 republics subsequently did.

      The problem is that this bias is going through many publications in this site. When the true approach, is like this: even if we agree, that Soviet republics were created by Russians, it’s clear, that other than Russia republics were created, because these territories were not Russia and didn’t bear this name. And I think this wrong approach is like if current day India or United states, that once were parts of the British Empire, were called parts of England, what is not true even if these countries use English as their language.

      But i don’t dispute right of the site to publish pics from Lithuania or from wherever you want. Just it shouldn’t describe as Russia any place where Russian soldiers had ever their stationing. That’s in odds with geography at least.

  22. This site should have more info about it on the surface.English Russia is about Russia and its former soviet republics,click on the (about) button up above under the English Яussia banner.

  23. so if you post entries about former soviet countries, name the blog englishexsovietcounrties.com, but for now, as Tomasz Krakowski said, there’s plenty of stuff happening in Russia, limit yourself to that.

    • Lithuania, Belarus, Latvia and Northern Poland have very similar landscapes. Russia seems to be different, but not so much, if western Russia is looked. But Russia is to big to describe it in one type of landscapes.

  24. hey lithuanians make a site called englishlithuania.com and post pictures from russia
    and in the beginning type:
    Russian photographer has made more than 50 flights on light planes around his native country Russia, ex part of Soviet Union. Though some people of Russia don’t like remembering the seventy years under Soviet rule, calling it a big mistake and agression.

  25. For a blogger:
    “Just because Lithuania was the part of USSR, and it’s only now a separate state, many people there know Russian and even use Russian as their native language.”
    Ethnic groups in Republic of Lithuania:
    Ethnic groups:
    1) 84.7 % ethic Lithuanians
    2) 6.1 % Poles (polish people)
    3) 4.9 % Russians
    4) 5.0 % others.

    Official language(s) : lithuanian
    So, where you find, that we are using language of occupants normally. Yes, russians and polish are using russian, but… why polish are speaking in russian in Lithuania and dare to call themself trully polish, and can’t understand them.
    So, why you aren’t writting about Poland? They language really is from the same slavic root as russian language.
    And what about lithuanian language: lithuanians and our brother latvians speak in languages which came from the baltic root
    You know what means in lithuanian word BLOGAS? It means BAD, AWFUL.
    So, as journalist, you are really bad, and your BLOGÁS, really AWFUL when you write about other countries pritending that it’s Russia

    And here for you, that to study 🙂

  26. The second picture from the top is the famous Hill of Crosses, a UNESCO World heritage, for your information, built cross by cross by hundreds of thousands of people from all over the World but mostly by lithuanians, who lost their relatives, friends during the Soviet occupation and the only way to survive was faith and hope. “It was a venue of peaceful resistance, although the Soviets worked hard to remove new crosses, and bulldozed the site at least three times (including attempts in 1963 and 1973).There were even rumors that the authorities planned to build a dam on the nearby Kulvė River, a tributary to Mūša, so that the hill would end up under water”. During the occupation, most of the catholic churches were also devastated or turned into warehouses (e.g The Holy Trinity church in Panevezys or Gothic St. George church in Kaunas. So, yeah, in a kind way this thread IS related to RUSSIA and this Blog…

  27. If not Russia, Lithuania live better, the species is poor in the Baltic countries, we’ve created the most beautiful Lithuanian, not Russian

  28. Wake up, guys! it’s good that these pics are here, even it’s english russia.com, people abroad’ll have opportunity to get to know Lithuania, and the point that it isn’t Russia anymore, cause for them we’re still Russia.
    Go to US, to any small town and u’ll see that nobody knows where u’re from. It’s kinda like Lithuania. What?next to Turkey =D
    These pics are nice, Lithuania is really nice country with interesting history. Let’s come visit us, we have what to show!

  29. Oh for crying out loud,does it really mater about ex Soviet countries being on this site.The text above states that Lithuania is a ex part of the Soviet Union.It does not state it is a part of Russia!Over 20 years ago there were countries that were a part of Russia-the Soviet Union.Now those countries are not a part of Russia but their history is.

  30. Lithuania was in USSR. It been mistake or not- now it’s history. Russians nationalist hate Lithuanians, Lithuanians nationalists hate Russians- it’s natural think. Russian Federation want to be Big Brother for everyone, USA want to bring freedom for everyone. Guess who better? Lithuania now free, but in EU. Yes it’s better then in USSR. Nobody push learn another language. In USSR Russian language was required. Even now after 20 year freedom in Lithuania live Russians and can’t talk in Lithuania language- they say-I’m not understand, talk in russian… Who explain why?

  31. Cool pics.

    Can not understand how this “Though some people of Lithuania don’t like remembering the seventy years under Soviet rule, calling it a big mistake and aggression” is related with pictures.

    Yes, Lithuania was a part of USSR, that’s a fact. Fifth part of Lithuanians died in WW2. Another third was killed under Stalin rule. Ahhh… who actually cares? The thing is – yes, it was occupation. But we just can not turn our backs to it. Occupation or not, it still is a part of our history.

    And all this conflict between Russian and Lithuanian people, because of occupation or not. Its just dumb. Regular people arent responsible for what politics decide. They are responsible just for their actions and thoughts. And politics play their card then making hate each other. Outer enemies unite country.

    • “Fifth part of Lithuanians died in WW2” –Doing what? I’m curious. Was it while they were in the Einsatzgruppen, murdering tens of thousands of Jews (out of the 1.5 million the Lithuanians MUST be responsible for at least tens), in the Pale of Russia? …Whoops, did I just say that? Sorry. Actually, no I’m not.

  32. yeah. its a very Beautiful land. And no it’s no longer a part of Russia, but who cares. The ussr is gone, that part of history is over. Why act like Russia is the big bad guy, all nations have done bad stuff, England ruled India with an iron fist for years, America stole Hawaii, bits of Mexico, California, and tricked Russia into selling Alaska. Not to mention the racism in the past. We have all done bad things, but we can all agree that these pictures are beautiful. We all used to be the allies, and we’re all allies once again.


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