16 thoughts on “Russian Planes Wasted”

  1. “Si for pra uma boa causa a destruição e boa, mas isso só são aviões velhos em comparação com os caças novos os migs”

  2. Instead of crunching up the fuselage, make it into a home, you got 90% the makings of a trailer there anyways, and some highly respected architects have done such designs with obsolete aircraft.

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  4. There is no reason to destroy anything. The more we produce the more hardship we have to consume in the future. The current technology fad is ruining our minds and our creativity. Cleverness is not the same as intelligence. Put down your fancy phone and just take a walk. This world is seriously in trouble.

  5. If I could buy one plane for a start, I’d do !

    There are many ways to make money out of that – just destroying them is the worst you can do !

  6. Nah, probably the aircraft was old and worn-out, at the end of its career. Russians wouldn’t have destroyed a good aircraft, the Americans do the same with their Vietnam-era B52’s, tear them apart for show.


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