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    • “Looks so backward compared to our hydro power plants in the west”
      My father ran crews of electricians building power plants in Canada (exact same tech as in US), and I’ve toured many of those plants. The tech I see in this plant, given the age construction started, shows that you haven’t a clue.
      Good photos!

    • You know nothing about this subject, that is clear.
      I live in the Netherlands and we still use transformers and other equipment that’s 50 years or older next to the latest high tech devices. The age of equipment like this means very little (which anybody that’s into power electronics should know).

      And as comment in general, this kind of industrial heritage should indeed be preserved.

    • Actually, the machinery looks like Sir Adam Beck 2 in Niagara Falls. The control room belongs in a museum though. As an aside, Beck 2 was the ONLY generating station NOT shut down by the great power blackout a few years ago!

  1. Great pictures of a great building but spoilt again by the bint with her face in nearly every shot. I hate the obsession Russian people have to stick their faces all over the place. When I worked there it was the same – on a photoshoot they would forget work and ask the cameraman to take their picture.

    • esti tu texan cum sunt astia aviatori.
      Cat despre vise cu futaiuri, fugi la wall-mart si prinde niste proaste de acolo, poate or sta la un redneck ca tine.

    • I see Russian women almost everyday in my city.I learn so many Russian words from them there is no need for me to purchase any Russian language learning cds.They love America,but I am sure they miss Russia-or do they!

  2. the wiring reminds me of an old telephone switch (from the thirties or so) a friend of mine prepared for an exhibition.
    good times…

  3. Russian/Soviet hydro-engineering have long and great history.
    and can say more, hydro power station build after USSR creation, are made much more seriously than in West.
    dark side: too many forced labors[mainly prisoners]victims, flooded villages, towns.

  4. Soon it will be necessary for the United States to build more power plants.When I grew up during soviet times there were very few Russians living in my country.Now there are millions.Not just Russians but people from every other country on the planet live in the states.

  5. 40 years ago, only a few people had the privilege to own a black-and-white TV. These machines were built 70 years ago and today still work perfectly! At the time, these equipments were state-of-the-art technology, modern equipments don’t last that long.

    A great technical achivement, with no doubt! Great place, would like to visit it.

    And the girls are great, too!

  6. That was one of Lenin’s chief slogans: the Bolsheviks saw Soviet democracy contributing to the economic and cultural development of the country. Without development, democracy would die – prescient for a man who died himself in 1924.

    Such great attention to detail: in the west power plants would be strictly utilitarian, but the pictures show murals, stonework, even decorated ceiling panels. It’s beautiful.

    And I have no problem with the “bint”: I think she’s beautiful!

    • It is not beautiful – it is Sorela (local term used for kitch in the style of socialist realism). Tragic part of the case is that Bauhaus, although generally leftist, had no influence in USSR at the time as it was too modest for Stalin´s liking.

  7. yeah dude, the photographer was clearly obsessed with one or several of the women there.

    well if you show them you gotta give some more information! were they giving you the tour? were they working there? students? age? phone numbers… ? 😉

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