24 thoughts on “Breaking: Two Explosions in Moscow Subway”

  1. 1. its just a guess now. just usual reflexia, for “no one know[yet]how this made and by whom”
    2. experts find cellphones pieces near possible bomb loactions, so maybe its not.
    3. someone organize, train, supply, cover terrorists, even if they kamikazi. and what more important, someone paid for than and target/order that deaths !! i hope all those guys pay back for what they did. i sure victim relatives share my feelings :/

  2. My friend was about to go to school by that train station, but decided to ditch it that day for some reason.. he is pretty happy about his decision now.

  3. rumors about third explosion[not confirmed yet and all press articles was screened out]on another statio[“Prospect Mira”] :-/
    no equipment to detect on metro station[bubble problem] and visual control by reinforced patrols was inefecient[no dogs deployed yet].
    seems remaining terrorists still hide in subway.

  4. Rest in peace and my deepest sympathies to the families of those innocent people who died. The organisers of this murderous and criminal act will pay heavily for this.

  5. This is a job of Russian KGB…like three months ago in train Moscow-St.Petersburg…
    Poor people(((
    Let the land they rest in peace…

  6. My condolences on your loss, let’s hope you find the intellectual organizers and punish them at the maximum extent of the law

  7. Funny how some mainstream English news articles on this terrorist act put the word “terrorist” in quotes and of course mentioned Russia’s crimes in Chechnya, didn’t see vast American crimes mentioned after 9/11!

  8. Christ… What can I say? I live here and it’s unbelievable. People are very scared. A lot of us are waiting for the new explosions.
    Most of the mobile phones were out of service today so those who had relatives in other town couldn’t call each other. You can realize it grows up more panic.
    And as for me I have doubts that it was made by a group from tha Caucases. It seems me you understand what I am talking about.

    Thanks for your support. I do hope it won’t take place ever.

  9. Poor people having their lives to end too early. My deepest condoleances to their families. I dont understand what drives people to commit such acts.

    I read in the news it might be the “black widows” wanting to take revenge on their husbands deaths in Chechnya. But how can another persons death (and in this case civilians on their way to school and work, that didnt have anything to do with that even) ever compensate for someones loss? It cant!!

  10. Now we now who did it…I will be happy to see Russia punishes the terrorists. Russians CAN finish this menace. Hope the NGOs and other sympathisers will not be able to continue to support these terrorists.

  11. RIP the victims and my thoughts are wtih their families and the Russian people.

    I live in Sweden and read on some internet discussion forum that the Kavkazcenter website which is apparently spreading the messages of the Chechen rebels/terrorsits is based in a server in Sweden. On the Kavkazcenter website they also ask for donations, and they list an account in a Swedish bank!! Its open for everyone too see.

    I also read that people suspected of terrorism in Caucasus have gained refugee-status in Sweden. Russia has asked Sweden to hand these individuals over to Russia because they are susspected of murders and war crimes in Chehcnya, but the Swedish gouvernment refuses since they claim these people risk being tortured if they are sent back. So essentially these chechens are protected under swedish law from being sent back.

    On a Swedish blog I read that first on the Kavkaz center website they threathened against brothels and accordning to the blogger “shortly thereafter such an attack took place in dagestan”

    Why dont Swedish gouvernment hand these people over to the Russian Police force? I think the Swedish police force should help them. Maybe the Swedish security police SÄPO,is working with the Russian security police and we just dont know about it? What do you think?

    (Sources in Swedish http://anteckningar.fragebyran.se/2009/09/kavkaz-center.html

    https://www.flashback.org/ )

  12. This is a really good read for me. Must admit that you are one of the coolest bloggers I ever saw. Thanks for posting this useful article. The families that I saw were welcoming, intelligent and simply lacking a decent income – just like my family.


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