Top Russian machine guns

Top Russian machine guns

Various weapons are very often exposed in movies nowadays. Here are legendary Russian machine guns having their own history ever shown in the Soviet (and not only) movies.

1. Maxim heavy machine gun model 1910. It was a first self-powered machine gun with water cooling of the barrel. Gun produced after 1940 were upgraded in such a way that coolant circuit could be loaded not only with water but with snow or ice. This gun could provide only automatic fire so it was extremely effective against infantry.

2. Degtyaryov hand-held infantry machine gun was used by the Soviet Army starting from the year 1927. It was one the few weapon models developed solely in the Soviet Union but not changed or modernized western samples. It appeared to be rather fail-safe and easy in use and maintenance and for this reason was widely used till the end of the World War 2. In its combat characteristics Degtyaryov’s gun excelled similar foreign analogs of that times.

Top Russian machine guns

3. Kalashnikov hand-held machine gun abbreviated in Russian as RPK was developed in mid-50’s when a national program on modernization of army weapons was launched. It was aimed to produce a reliable infantry assault rifle and a light machine gun which would be of a rather similar construction and with similar and interchangeable spare parts. A tender was held in 1961 to determine the best designed products. As a result the modernized AK-47 and unified with it RPK were introduced into the Soviet Army. By the way, speaking about its appearance in the movies, you should remember it from Rambo series.

Top Russian machine guns

4. Degtyaryov-Shpagin Large-Caliber (DShK) heavy anti-aircraft machine gun developed in the far 1938 is still in use. This weapon provided very fast fire but still with high accuracy which caused ti effective use in many campaigns from WW2 till Iraq in 2004. This was the gun John Rambo (him again) used to hit down enemy’s helicopters.

Top Russian machine guns

5. NSV heavy machine gun was a universal anti-infantry, anti-aircraft and anti-armored-carriers weapon designed in 1971 in order to replace DShK. Its production was ended immediately after the Collapse of the USSR. Now its modification is produced in Ukraine and several licenses for production have been sold abroad.

Top Russian machine guns

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  1. I wouldn’t brag about the Kalashnikov being used in the Rambo movies, it seems to me he was taking out whole platoons of guys armed with this thing just using his trusty “Ram-bow” and arrows.

  2. Interesting thing about the DShK featured in the Rambo movies- it was actually a Browning .50cal that was rather clumsily disguised to resemble a DShK (you can see the back of the gun is almost completely undisguised). During the cold war it was impossible for anybody in Hollywood to get ahold of a real DShK so they had to make due with what they had.

    • The Maxim gun was the first self-powered machine gun, invented by the American-born British inventor Sir Hiram Maxim in 1884. Water cooling system! Great!

    • American army (even USMC) used copy of Maxim machinegun – Browning 1917A1 – in whole WW2.

      Top machine guns of WW2 was german’s.

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  4. I’ve have now gone through all 276 pages, and looked at every post, at EnglishRussia, and this is one of the most boring. It would have been really cool if you had a few videos of these guns being used on the range. Scantily clad hot babes trying them out would have been best!

    • Well, if you crave for “Chicks with guns”, watch “Jackie Brown” by Quentin Tarantino on DVD. The coolest scene, however, is that in front of the shopping mall 😉

  5. WHAT! Another Russian trying to say that Russia created something first when in actuality, they stole/copied another countries model. See below about the true story of the Maxim machine gun (It was first from USA):

  6. This gun could provide only automatic fire so it was extremely proven and effective against infantry.Thanks for sharing your gun article more power to your site!

  7. RPK was depicted with never ever starting producing drum magazine, because lack of reliability, overweight and tremendous cost.
    gun itself was more reliable than RPD LMG, which RPK replace, but limited-size(45-rounds)clip, make harder to use it as LMG, so many vets apologize for RPD disappearance for some time.
    both DSK[M] and NSV was awesome guns, have quick-firing and sniper-precise fire and lightweight construction, advantages, correspondingly over Westen counterparts, such as M2 and australian, german ones. not have much feedback about Kord, was made for replacement, but spes are promising[and at least better than modernized NSV – NVSM, produced in Kazahstan]
    GPMP’s like PK/PKM/Pecheneg also well-made guns,with little lack of muzzle break efficiency[and thus preventing from reveal full potential from 7.62×54 ammo in both precision and penetration]

    and what more importantly authour forget biggest ever and most world-powerful mg.
    KPV[named after designer, Vladimirov].
    this 14.5mm beast can shred choppes, IFV’s, structures, infantry from impressive distance even with old types of ammunition.
    designed in WWII its still in service and well-deserved thats.

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