Yamal Peninsula

Yamal Peninsula 1

Yamal Peninsula – an infinite snowy desert, a border area, the largest gas extraction region … and the North of incredible beauty.

Those who come here usually call it expedition. There is no denying the truth, roads do not tend here. In winter there are ice roads, they are made right along the stream canals, the Ob feeders, taiga. Dozens of ice passages, villages,  and in summer only water ways may take there. Recesses…

But let us come back to Yamal Peninsula itself.
The ice road tends here from the side of Labytnanga, Obskaya station.

Yamal Peninsula 2

In the beginning forest-tundra is around, there are still rare larches. And far away Polar Urals spurs can be seen.

Yamal Peninsula 3

But further are fewer and fewer trees and soon  the last bush disappears. Seven days of tundra are ahead.

Yamal Peninsula 4

Yamal Peninsula 5

The road is actually busy.
Dozens of heavy trucks go to Bovanenkovo – the main Gazprom perspective for today.

Yamal Peninsula 6

The railroad has been built in Bovanenkovo since 1986. It is rather hard in permafrost conditions. Though trains go here anyway.

Yamal Peninsula 7

But they go not to the very Bovanenkovo despite the statements of Gazprom press releases.  The road is still 30km incomplete.

Yamal Peninsula 8

Literally a year ago this winter road was being maintained. It was needed. Now nearly all the cargoes are delivered by railway. And the winter road got abandoned.

Yamal Peninsula 9

As soon as the filling ends – begins the tundra. Just a track, hundreds and hundreds of track kilometers in the tundra.

Yamal Peninsula 10

A little slope and a chance to turn over a 20 tons – long vehicle.

Yamal Peninsula 11

If someone still can be drawn out – they try.

Yamal Peninsula 12

There are no cars here.

Yamal Peninsula 13

It is Yamal The Severe. People live here in the inhuman living conditions for months. Nothing similar to the Alps or ice roads. And proper vehicles are used here. Only “Urals” with all-wheel drive with all possible blocking and KAMAZ vehicles on the wheels nearly 1,5m high and with self pumping. Further  – only all-terrain vehicles. It is good if the average speed is at least 10km/h. No standing, only moving though slow.

Yamal Peninsula 14

Those who were not ready or couldn’t move end like this.

Yamal Peninsula 15

Flippancy is out of place here, everything is clear and plain.

Yamal Peninsula 16

The way of moving along the tundra is cardinally different from the way we got used to move. In fact where “Urals” pass we can pass too, very hard but possible.

Yamal Peninsula 17

And only tundra around and the wonderful sky – photo cannot convey all the beauty.

Yamal Peninsula 18

It is getting dark rather early. Overnight stay should be arranged on the higher places – not to be snow drifted. Engines are never stopped. -32C is considered very warm.

Yamal Peninsula 19

Deer seem to stray from the herd.

Yamal Peninsula 20

The track again.

Yamal Peninsula 21

And the railway.

Yamal Peninsula 22

Ahead are numerous polar foxes, partridges, deer, Nenets… And the shore of the Kara Sea.  Frozen sea-going ships and camps of the North.

Yamal Peninsula 23

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  3. Thanks for some absolutely stunningly beautiful photos of Yamal Peninsula especially the winter scenes. Gorgeous!!!Just love it. I gotta go there. Simply have to be there. I am definately going there.


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