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A few days ago some pranksters from a village near the Russian city Bryansk have accomplished a paint job on their local Lenin monument making the once most powerful communist leader look rather like a clown from the local flea market.

Thus this is the latest of the series of Lenin Monuments pranks that took place in Russia lately. We reviewed them all and now this post is a sort of compilation of this fresh one and ones we had before.


Local communists and most of old people were really disturbed with this. “We gotta find them and punish to the fullest extent of the law!”, they demanded, like if there is a special law that can be applied to the statue painters.


Local authorities summoned emergency workers to clean the statue up in order to lower the social tensions around that. “The job was done very well”, says one cleaning worker on site, “they didn’t use sprays but had brushes and painted each element manually, just take a look at Lenin’s white socks. We have found one of those brushes nearby here”.

Colorful Lenin is cool but not the first one of the Lenin statues that have been affected by a touch of brush of the unknown artist. A while before there was another accident in another Russian city where they have painted pink circles all across the mighty leader’s figure:

Top Lenin Monuments Pranks

Pink Lenin read more…

They said it was probably local EMO group who was responsible for this.

Then, in another Russian city there was another cool and funny Lenin victim. Some local genius has put… a scream mask on Lenin’s head at night:

Top Lenin Monuments Pranks

Lenin Screams read more…

I don’t know how the communist party activists had went thru this at that time, but for sure they couldn’t cope for a long time with the king of Lenin pranks that happened on April the 1st, some years ago in St. Petersburg.

That was the biggest, the most bald and risky trick people in Russia has ever accomplished with Lenin statues, except probably the times in early nineties of the last century when hundreds of Lenin monuments were dismantled by furious mobs all across the country during the rough awakening from seventy year long sleep of communism.

And so, on April Fool’s Day they made Lenin Fart Day, with putting 300 gram TNT explosives inside the monument that was located in very busy city square of seven million population Russian city.

Top Lenin Monuments Pranks

Lenin TNT Fart Prank Read more…

Then at designated hour they heard a boom. Be sure it was heard by hundreds or even thousands of passers by as this unfortunate Lenin statue was right in front of St. Petersburg’s railway station.

The consequences might be very rough for the ones who made this happen, but it is still unclear have they been found or not.

That’s probably all for now, we’ll keep you updated as always, and when the next Lenin statue would go berserk or flies to Mars you’ll see it first here!

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  1. I don’t know what is more astonishing- that there are still fans of Lenin or that there are still communists in Russia. You would think that of all the countries, Russia would have learned it’s lesson with that bankrupt philosophy. Yes, Lenin was arguably better then Stalin, but that is likely only because he didn’t live too long after the revolution either. What Stalin did in terms of the purges, etc. was spelled out by Marx and would have been necessary to some degree no matter who was in office if communism was to be forced on the people. And yes, some people argue that Stalin did not practice true communism and Lenin did, but that is all just a matter of degrees. In the end, they were all idealists who failed to understand human nature enough to know why the ideology was fatally flawed. Human beings naturally seek independence and differentiation, not membership in a collective. That is the fundamental flaw in any totalitarian system and why all are doomed to eventual failure.

    • Heh, as a matter of fact GDP per capita PPP in Russia (todays money) just recently (a few 4 years ago) reached the level of RSFSR one in the 80’s. I remember reading about this.

        • Again, provided the data were correct. The discrepancy between the official Soviet dat for the beginning of the eighties, end of eighties and 1991 are so huge that the data can’t be correct.

    • I am well aware of Khrushchev’s reforms, and also that he was deposed and replaced with the hardliner Brezhnev because of them. As for Marxism, read the Communist Manifesto (unlike most people, I have read it several times) again and how he lays out his plan for how a society would gradually implement it. Then compare it to how Stalin implemented things such as the 5 year plans . Yes, Bolshevism is fundamentally different than Marxism in at least one key way: The Bolsheviks believed in the use of a vanguard party to bring one country Marxism to power rather than the worldwide worker’s revolution of classical Marxism. The Mensheviks on the other hand, were opposed to the vanguard party idea which is one of the many reasons for the great split that happened between Leon Trotsky’s faction and Stalin’s shortly after the death of Lenin.

      As for Khrushchev’s reforms, yes they did help ease the suffering of the people in a number of ways, not the least of which was the elimination of communal housing and building of the now classic Soviet apartment blocks. He also attempted to introduce a Soviet “People’s car”- the Zaporozhetz 965 ( which was produced in modified form until 1994). However, were the people permitted to vote for a candidate that was not a member of the party? No. Could they start their own business? No. Don’t forget that Gorbachev was a reformer too, and that the minute he allowed free speech and dissent, the entire system started to collapse. Communism was and is a system that is incompatible with human nature, and the only way it can succeed is by oppression of the proletariat. Take that away and it will eventually fall apart.

    • “Marxism IS NOT Stalinism” Saying this under Stalin’s rule would have delivered you a one way ticket to Kolyma or a bullet in your head if you were a senior party member. It is not sure which of both would be the most merciful option.

  2. It’s just sick. Not the pranks (they’re pretty cool, actually) but the Lenin statues. “Mighty leader” of communists. The same communists who slaughtered millions with guns and Siberian conentration camps. Think about Hitler monuments being everywhere and then some neo-nazis demanding justice for Hitler statue pranks. Where has world come to….

    • “name”, for the love of god (btw, what an intelligent and creative name you got – lmfao) stop trashing around. First of all, Hitler brought Germany from a farely decent & average country to live in, to complete and utter ruin. This, along with the 50 million killed due to his war (and 20 million + people who were directly murdered by the Nazis, ie executions vast majority of them Soviets) makes Hitler uncomparable to Stalin (ya know, the guy who was responsible for murder of 2 million people and caused the death of 8 million more, but transformed USSR from a pathetic failiure into one of the greatest nations in the world – as well as increasing population, education and industry drastically).

      Another thing: Stalinism was a corrupt ideology based on totalitarianism and greed for power. Krhuschev destroyed this, and instead put a disfunctional and impractical ideology into USSR – Marxism styled Socialism.

      Get it into your head b4 talking next time. Understood?

      • Your numbers for Stalin are too small and for Hitler too big: WWII was also fought in East Asia, a conflict that was already busy long before Hitler started the war in Europe (1937, when Japan invaded China). At least 15 million of the 50 million vicitms of WWII fell in Asia. Still, the “remaining” millions of victims of Hitler make him to one of the worst criminal leaders ever.

        Stalin made probably around 20 million victims during his reign – but maybe we should ad to that numerous victims of the civil war where he was a prominent bolshevik leader.

        It is correct that Stalin rebuild the Soviet economy – after the bolsheviks destroyed themselves the Russian economy by taking power through a wrecking civil war – but the human cost was incerdibly high. Lauding the collectivisation of agriculture which took the lives of millions of people is the equivalent as lauding the efficiency of IG Farben in Birkenau.

        There is really no reason not to compare Hitler with Stalin. Both caused the death of millions of people, both targeted specific groups to destroy: political opponents, political rivals, ethnical groups (Jews ans Slavs fot Hitler, Ukrainians, Chechens, Jews, Krim Tatars, Wolga Germans, Poles, Estonians, Latvians, Lithuanians… for Stalin). Both exploited salve labour to build their (war) industry, both invaded other countries without being attacked, both were allies at the beginning of WWII…

        Satlin’s rule really was efficient, but couldn’t function without massive repression and terror towards the population. When Brezhnev tried to restore Stalinism without that terror, the Soviet Union simply collapsed.

    • I believe you’re right. Hey remember that time your dad made you get out of the car and chase that big sow and her not so little piglets out of the middle of the road. That was hilarious! I laughed til I cried. 🙂

  3. He looks like his upper body is too short for the rest of him in those statues. Or maybe he really had strange proportions…

  4. Why are these statues still standing. Sort of like having Benedict Arnold statues in Washington DC or Hitler statues in Berlin. It would be cheaper to just remove the statue than to try and clean off the prankster’s paint.

  5. The coolest and most aggressive Lenin monument I have seen in Russia so far can be found on google earth at 56 50 18.43N 60 36 14.22 E in Ekaterinburg.

  6. You have to understand where Russia stood before the Bolshevik Revolution – it was a nation of poor, illiterate peasants ruled by a Tsar. So, no matter what you think of communism, Lenin was an important figure from a historical perspective, and the monuments mark that. Comparing Lenin to Stalin and Hitler makes absolutely no sense, he was no saint but he didn’t purge millions of people either. Yes, some people did die in the civil war, but that’s not the same as mass murders of Hitler and Stalin.

  7. I think a similar thing would look wicked on the Statue of Liberty..give it a make over of a turban and a book listing the numbers killed to date, whilst wearing a shroud and jesus boots…

  8. This reminds me of the Lenin statue in Seattle. In the early 90’s some guy bought a statue of Lenin from Eastern Europe and had it shipped to Seattle, and now for some reason it’s in front of a place that sells fish tacos (no, that is not a euphemism).

    The statue gets dressed up or painted sometimes. Google image search for ‘gay seattle lenin statue’ to see what happens to it during Gay Pride Week.

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