New Street Advertising


City streets got decorated by a new social advertisement. 2

First of all – the title: it says – “Smoking in the presence of a kid is a more severe torture for it.” More severe than what?

Then we see a kid. As a result of Designer and Customer argument – the decision not to show its face (in order not to shock its parents once and for all) and cover its ass with a diaper (in order not to collect actions of irritable citizens).

Designer and Customer observed the result for a while.

Probably, initially Customer wanted to picture brain scraps on the wall and a blood fountain gushing from a ruptured carotid artery – only those who have no brains smoke in the presence of kids. Then Designer suggested to portray an idiot and write: “Are you idiots?” but could not find idiots pics in his image bank.

And finally they both found a cool idea and snubbed out a cigarette in the baby’s ass. But something was still missing.

Thus, the last detail appeared – an inscription “Don’t care?!” on a red rectangle. Here they used red color and highly interrogative construction – all details to question if you STILL do not care. Don’t care what they have depicted here?

And this all is supplemented with News Outdoor panel referring to people’s attention.

This attention is guaranteed.

32 thoughts on “New Street Advertising”

  1. Better translation:

    Smoking in the presence of a child – it’s even more abusive for him (than it is for you)

    i.e., It’s bad enough for the smoker, but the baby is so much weaker!

    • Malaresian, If you relate being phony to being American, then you must be a phony yourself! You are trying to be “smart” when you are really not very informed. First you are trying to make a rude statement against people that live in the United States by writing “Americans”, however, you are not smart enough to know that there is a North and South America and the United States does not make up ALL of both North & South America. You are also being racist by deeming anyone and everyone that lives in both North & South America as being “phony” without every having met every single person. It always make me laugh at people that live outside of the United States that make racist remarks against the people of the United States of America. How phony are you that you make a racist remark against people you claim are racist, but you have never personally met?! Before you accuse anyone of anything get your Geography correct and actually met the person face-to-face and get to know them first, otherwise you will come across as a genuine fool!

    • You’re not too smart when it comes to knowing anything about the United States or any other Americans. Most of the business places in the United States are deemed “smoke free”, which means a person caught smoking will have to pay a monetary fine if they smoke in a place that is deemed “smoke free.” Other cities, counties, states, providences, etc. all over both North & South America are also trying to pass “no smoking” laws similar to the ones written & passed throughout the United States. Malar, you are the phony for trying to pass yourself off as being smart when you really are not!

  2. “And finally they both found a cool idea and snubbed out a cigarette in the baby’s ass.”

    Uh, my dear friend, that’s not the baby’s ass? Anatomy fail!

  3. it is horrible, babies are the most inocent and sweet human beeings. It should be forbiten to play with them like this

    • Conny, Do you really think the photographer snubbed out a cigarette on the baby? If so, then you must be one of the not so smart people the photographer was trying to relate to with this photograph! If anyone thinks this picture was NOT produced using PhotoShop, then you must also not be smart enough to know that smoking is bad, especially in front of someone (like a baby) that is not capable of moving away from the smoker so as not to breath in the smoke.

  4. It’s obviously photoshopped. Not like they really did that to the baby. Come on @_@
    I don’t really see what’s wrong with this ad– it promotes something good. D:

  5. This is another graphic advert. I guess it isn’t much worse than the adverts here, but this could be also an advert for child abuse…

  6. ‘First of all – the title: it says – “Smoking in the presence of a kid is a more severe torture for it.” More severe than what?’

    I’m assuming the meaning was lost in translation like most languages, and that it’s supposed to be the ‘worst torture,’ or ‘most severe.’

  7. When i see this pic, i would feel ache. So i guess it works for those smokers.

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  8. I don’t know what the big deal is about, it’s just a picture to get a point across. Smoking is bad for kids and smokers tend to choose to ignore this

  9. relax guys, being a russian i want you to know the real translation, which is saying: “Smoking while child`s being (when it is close to you) is even more torture for her(him)”. But one point – when i actually saw the billbord adv at first (not having read the title yet) i thought that this would be devoted to a kind of mothers` smoking while pregnant or something, but not. Do not worry our russian adv makers are not quiet good in it eheheheh)so the thing they can do is use the photoshop and only)

  10. WTH? That 2 year old kid from Indonesia who smokes 40 cigarettes is OUT OF HIS MIND. Someone needs to punch his parents around, or just launch them into the nearest large body of water. I saw the video here


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