The Power Spot


A mysterious guy has been spotted drinking beer throughout the season standing on the one and the same place, in same posture but, of course, in different cloths, according to the season.

Some say that he has found his personal power spot and now uses it to suck into the Earth energy grid and while he doing that he drinks beer in order not to waste his precious time.

14 thoughts on “The Power Spot”

  1. I’m guessing he has found a view into someone’s window who doesn’t bother to close their blinds (while wandering around nude inside). Not so much a power spot as a porno spot.

  2. We all need our own spot! To calm ourselves, be it indoors or outside!

    The cooking video below the comment box slows the loading of the page!

  3. ahhhahahahaha ..that’s some creative caption there ….obviously there’s a drink machine or two to the right, my guess is that what we have here is two different people drinking something they bought from the machines at two different times of the year. but good job on your version …waaaay better than mine …


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