Moscow’s Heaviest Snowfall


Since winter is almost over and sunny and warm days are already near at hand, we’ve got an awesome collection of shots for you. This winter there was too much snow in Russia, and in particular, in Moscow. Sometimes you even couldn’t tread a way out of your house cuz there was too much snow lying on the ground.

As all snow that’s left melts little by little, there are photos of the heaviest Moscow’s winter 09-10 snowfall. That days Moscow had literally sink in it. More than 15 centimeters (6 inches) of snow fell just for 12 hours and the city’s public utilities shoveled away more than 500,000 cubic meters of snow from the streets of the country’s capital. Enjoy the shots of the heaviest and maybe the last snowfall this winter ever!






















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13 thoughts on “Moscow’s Heaviest Snowfall”

  1. I just wanted to say “Thanks” for posting all these photo’s. Nice to “wonder around” another country once in a while, and I don’t even have to leave my home!

    I wish every country had a website like this.

  2. That’s nothing, you should had seen the winter in Estonia this year. We had probably 3 times that. Today it went over 0C and now it’s starting to melt. There are flood crysis comittees put together, to find the flooding risks from melting snow. Most of the snow records from the past 150 years were broken this winter. Regular snow depth was about 60-90cm. Snowpiles in the city were about 4m tall next to the roads. When driving a car you can’t see pedestrians trying to cross the road, but neither will you see other cars coming when trying to drive out of the house. It’s sick.

  3. The real disaster will come when snow starts to melt. It is now just piled up next to the road. And Russian sewer system is very bad. There will be holes in asfalt, cars falling in, people falling in and posts on English Russia

  4. let’s see:
    fake Kirov trying 2 imagine he is some1 he is not (so that he could dream of a better life) CHECK.

    EnglishRussiamoderators censoring me.. CHECK.

  5. They have big bolts in their winter tires so they don’t need chains so much. The traffic noise is much worse here, in Moscow, than in other cities, where people use usual tires. …And they have a huge army of snow-cleaning cars.

  6. You know what? We, in Russia. are laughing at you, because snow for you is something amazing. “Wow, theres’s snow outside! and it’s cold, -1, we need to close schools!!”
    2 meters of snow, -30, and we still have to go to work, school and its ok, we’ll just clean the road… )))

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