Crashed camera

crashed camera 1

That was the state of a Sony Alpha A200 when the author of these photos got it. It was… Let’s say someone trod it down several times. The rear view is the same – broken LCD leaked, protective plastic cover was missing. It was absolutely clear that there’s no way to repair this poor camera. So a curious mind and a screwdriver were set on foot.

crashed camera 2

First impression of seeing the camera naked was a surprise of the level of miniaturization. Plenty of tiny ribbon cables connecting small cards, a flashlight and its capacitor, a beeper ad auto-focus switcher – all this was placed in a small black box which can be easily held in hands.

crashed camera 3

What’s seen from behind? That big (only comparing with the others) card, the main one, carries probably the CPU (see that Toshiba chip?).

crashed camera 4

crashed camera 5

crashed camera 6

After the main card was gone some more interesting things came to light. That small card on the left is supposed to be a unit controlling data reading from the matrix. The most interesting fact is that it is can moved up and down, left and right. That’s how the image stabilization system works. The other card on the right is a card reader interface. A battery block is under this card.

crashed camera 7

crashed camera 8

crashed camera 9

This unit was decided to leave untouched due to impossibly small size of its details.

crashed camera 10

crashed camera 11

23 thoughts on “Crashed camera”

      • Do not joke about Russian ZENITH camera!!!!?!?! It is analog, very heavy and black. It does take pictures, and makes a very loud ‘klak!!’ sound when it does so! No miniature things found there!! Not even battery!! Old quality!!

        • Kirov! Lol I do have a zenith 11 and they weight more than a pound brother! but they do take some good old photo effect! I brought it once and dropped it, but because there are really few screws, nothing happened to it.

  1. There’s a possibility of making this camera work again. Of course, with a broken LCD never would turn to be like before, but taking pictures, at least. The film cameras you had to take pictures without knowing if they’re got good or bad, you had to develop the film to see your pictures, so, a LCD display is not a must. But helps a lot, tough. Of course that if I would charge for this fix, no one would pay the price. That’s a hobby thing only.

    And “stone-age era roll films”? There’s some high definition films around (pretty expensive, tough) that no digital camera come close. Of course regular people don’t see the difference, but an specialist does. When the digital cameras goes around, let’s say, 50 megapixels (true, not interpolated), so then films would be considered obsolete. But black & white high-definition films for high-altitude aircraft imaging still would be a hard match.

    • Ouch! You’re making me miss film! I’m happy to see anyone say nice things about film, and it’s true that the resolution is so much better than a digital camera. Even if you do have to process and print it. Thing I miss most is 3200 speed black and white film. Ahhh, the days…

      • Now, 8 years after my original post, film is totally dead, you can`t find a place where you can develop a film, and a cell phone have more than enough definition to substitute film for everyday use. My Nikon D3200 have 6000×4000 pixels resolution, a quality unthinkable for the regular person 8 years ago.

  2. How sad such a wonderful camera got destroyed like that.

    Finnish I received my Finnish language course today.

    LOL, that’s cheating! You are bad. :wicked:

  3. I have repaired damages like that. You can buy LCDs off ebay, but the quality will not be the same as before it fell. If that fails, you can still sell it for spare parts.

    These Sony Alpha cameras are pretty sturdy, i wonder how many meters it fell down?

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