14 thoughts on “Russian Super Granny”

  1. I think she’s a Dagestani granny

    Tough granny, life in the Soviet Union was hard enough to make you stay fit! Unlike today!

  2. She’s probably not Russian at all but Lezghin or Avar or something. People from the Caucasus are absolutely crazy (in a good way, usually), and they seem to live forever whether they’re Abkhaz in the northwest, Armenians from Karabakh in the south, or Azeris in the east. It’s the clean air in the mountains.

  3. Ya, I am not very surprised, having seen the post with the old lady washing her windows from the ledge on her apartment building. I know of several old women around her, in rural Albert, Canada, tough like her – all grew up on farms!

  4. she said anybody can do anything, just don’t do anything bad

    the way she talks its very cool

    shes avar, indeginous to republic of dagestan

  5. She’s like my grandma. 78 and working from sunrise to sunset, lifting and moving things that are quiet heavy for an old woman. She wants to die every day since the last 10 years because of her blood pressure, but nothing happens 😀

  6. My grandmother grew up in a rural area, she widowed young so she was in charge of the farm and the 7 child yes 7! when she was like 87yo one day she told my mother who visit her regularly, “-i’m a bit depressed today dear, -why mom, -i must be getting old, -why you say that, – i was cutting firewood today with the ax and got tired quickly, -Mom you’re 87!!!” she passed away 8 years ago at 96 with full hair and teeth.

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