Tin Foil Hut

Russian tin foil hut

The best way to get yourself hundred percent proved protection from brain slugs and alien brain-control transmissions you can wear a tin-foil hat. That’s a well known fact. But in order to get two hundred percent protection you need to move further and take some more serious approach for your brain security.

This guy decided that more tin foil the better. He couldn’t probably convince his wife in the necessity of the protection layer everywhere so he grabbed his couch, his desktop pc and a few giant rolls of tin foil and moved to his garage, where before they stored some food supplies – you still can see that passage down the floor.

Russian tin foil hut 2

Russian tin foil hut 3

Russian tin foil hut 4

Russian tin foil hut 5

Now he can feel himself relaxed. Or maybe there is a need to put a tin-foil hat too? Just in case..

19 thoughts on “Tin Foil Hut”

  1. WTF? Why isn’t the floor covered, and why does he want to block out all the radiation, but then bring it back in by bringing computers and electrical appliances? Well that’s just crazy!

  2. That’s a type of insulation from space tech. This is just another excuse to create a man-cave… protection from aliens my azz! Maybe he’s a writer and needs some peace. That I can understand.

  3. Sometimes people who have Electro-Hypersensitivity or EHS actually do have to disconnect and isolate themselves to limit their exposure to Electro-Magnetic Fields or EMF. They even have EMF resistant suits for people who have high exposure to EMF’s to wear to help lessen the effects of EHS.

  4. It seems that he has built a giant microwave oven. None of the electromagnetic waves, created by all those electrical appliances, can’t escape and keep bouncing off the walls until they absorb in his body. He’ll be done(medium rare) in about a week.


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