22 Through the Looking Glass Chess Game

Through the Looking Glass Chess Game

The famous sequel of the not less famous "Alice in Wonderland" called "Through the Looking Glass, and What Alice Found There" by Lewis Carroll has a very detailed description of a chess game with unique pieces which are rather
to be called separate characters. One Ukrainian ivorycutting master was inspired to create a special table and a set of chess pieces for this particular game by his daughter's interest to Carroll's tales.
The Invisible Man 1
14 The Invisible Man

The Invisible Man

Thousands and thousands of years a hunting man chases wild animals to take their lives. The fear of the four-legged before a man became their instinct. But now, when the wild nature is shrinking
like shagreen leather, more and more people strive to find themselves near these wild creatures not to kill but with another purpose. Such people are photographers - naturalists.
unknown lithuania 1

82 Lithuania from Bird’s View

Lithuania from Bird’s View

Lithuanian photographer Marius Jovaisa has made more than 50 flights on light planes around his native country Lithuania, ex part of Soviet Union.
Though some people of Lithuania don't like remembering the seventy years under Soviet rule, calling it a big mistake and agression.
fell over crane 1

20 Another One Hits the Crust

Another One Hits the Crust

Falling construction cranes are not rare in Russia, we had them a few times. This one is bit more special because of two things. First, there was a video of some traffic cams that caught it falling down, you can find it below: And
the second reason as you can see it has felt not somewhere where no much people around but right on the busy city avenue. Despite it looks so bad they say there are not much casualties except the crane operator.
Cool Russian hydro electric plant
25 Old Hydropower Plant

Old Hydropower Plant

Decision on construction of hydroelectric complexes in upper stream of the Volga River was taken in 1935. A special construction and mounting board was created for implementation of this decision and control over it.
Construction works at the Uglich Hydropower plant were carried out under the supervision of the Commissariat for Internal Affairs (the forerunner of the famous KGB) with intensive use of the prisoners' labor.
Crashing Russian jet planes 1

16 Russian Planes Wasted

Russian Planes Wasted

After signing the internation agreements limiting the weapons they went up with bringing it to life. Some photos made on one of the
Russian airbases at the end of 1990s where another part of Russian jets were trashed in favor of weapons reduction.
Pushchino Radioastronomy Observatory 1
10 Pushchino Radioastronomy Observatory

Pushchino Radioastronomy Observatory

It is the oldest scientific establishment of Russia engaged in radio astronomy research. It was founded in April, 11th, 1956 when Academy of
Sciences of the USSR was allowed to build FIAN radio astronomy station in Serpukhovsky region and set a radio telescope there.
Explosion in subway

24 Breaking: Two Explosions in Moscow Subway

Breaking: Two Explosions in Moscow Subway

Kind of breaking stuff: just some minutes ago a few blasts shook two Moscow metro stations. More than thirty
reported dead already. Exclusive photos from surv. cams have been posted on Russian twitters.
16 Top Russian machine guns

Top Russian machine guns

Various weapons are very often exposed in movies nowadays. Here are legendary Russian machine guns having their own history ever shown in the Soviet (and not only) movies. 1. Maxim heavy machine gun model 1910. It was a first self-powered machine gun with water
cooling of the barrel. Gun produced after 1940 were upgraded in such a way that coolant circuit could be loaded not only with water but with snow or ice. This gun could provide only automatic fire so it was extremely effective against infantry.
Yamal Peninsula 1
18 Yamal Peninsula

Yamal Peninsula

Yamal Peninsula - an infinite snowy desert, a border area, the largest
gas extraction region ... and the North of incredible beauty.

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