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  1. It’s like a very low budget imitation of Top Gear.

    A question — you describe these vehicles as “American army SUVs”. Why do you think these are American army vehicles? They look to me like retail H2s, made by the same company that sells HUMVs to the army, but not the same cars.

    • Not the same company at all. These H2 Hummers are just a Chevy Tahoe with a silly looking body. GM bought the name only. It would be like if Yamaha bought the Harley name and started calling their motorcycles Harley Davidson. AMG is the co. that makes military Humvees.

      And BTW don’t these guys have a winch? Plenty of trees there to get across or out of the ditch.

  2. There are some H2 there and one H1.

    Those people probably have plenty of money to afford such expensive cars (yes, they are expensive over there), so well deserved for being so clever.

    Hopefully they’ll be able to pull’em out in spring…

  3. what most people are also failing to noticed is that it seems that the other side of the water appears to take a steep vertical incline making it almost impossible to get over to the other side unless your suv is higher than that incline.

    also you have dumb russians behind the wheel.

  4. Here we go with the Hummer again!The H2 is more street friendly with all the modern amenitys unlike the h1 but still has the big mean look like the H1.I think the H3 is like a Chevy Tahoe.The H2 is a copy of the H1,like todays jeeps are copies of the old military jeeps.Arnold Schwarzenegger bought a military Humvee and that started the civilion H1 ownership,GM H2,H3….

  5. One is an H1 and one is a H2, neither is used by the military.. The H1 is close but does not have the clearance or the gears as the military version, all are made by GM, the military vehicle to all three SUVS, H1 H2 H3, I dont think they make the H1 on a regular basis anymore, but you can still special order it… Money talks and B.S. walks as the ols saying goes. per the video it looks like fun, seen things like that here in the U.S., but a lot of money sitting there

  6. Olympic Medals
    by green giant ยป Feb 20th, ’10, 04:10

    USA-20. Russia-4. We dominate you! Your people are inferior to ours. The United States will invade your country and take over. We are better. We are better at every aspect of life. You Russians are inferior. Your atheletes suck major —- and —-. Ha Ha! Poor Russians. Always last at everything. Can’t get any steroids? American strength comes through. We are made of iron, Russian. We will not be defeated. In anything. You will all be speaking English soon.

    • No. I wasn’t there and I don’t have a SUV.
      By the way, don’t try this with your bike either, your trousers will be very wet.

  7. I don’t like H2s or CSI Miami or Horatio! I have a friend who is crazy about Horatio, I never saw what the big deal was. Although, Miami might be nice.

  8. Not many off road vehicles are going to be able to climb back onto the ice on the other side. The edge of the ice is probably straight up and down, or even having an overhang.
    Their one, small chance (if the engines are not stalled) is to turn right and travel away from the bridge. It is more shallow there.

  9. Hey, nobody got it right. It is a Russian way to build bridges. They’ve put 2 pillars into water, it is just the remaining part was not filmed.

  10. what do you expect from russian peasants. You can take the monkey out of the tree but its still a monkey and definately cant drive a car

  11. the most fun for a russian is to destroy things-whatever its an objekt or a human being-when something dies they feel alive and when you do that you have to be real drunk-great guys with big respect for everything

  12. It would help if they put them in 4 wheel drive and not the 2 wheel drive street mode. theres an ice sheet on top i=of the water.. no wonder they couldnt get out by going forward.. A Lada would be just as stuck.

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