Russian Gadget Hackwrench Religion

Russian Gadget Hackwrench Cult 1

Sometimes really weird cults born, like this one the Sect of Gadget Hackwrench one.

“She is the divine being, the most untouched and perfect sibling of the great God on Earth”, say one of the participants. “Why I love her? It’s stupid question, how I can’t love the Godess?”. “She is strict, cute, optimistic and her level of technical knowledge is unachievable for a mortal being.” those are just a few of the testimonies of the sect followers.

And if you didn’t recognize the hero – that’s a Disney mouse cartoon.

Russian Gadget Hackwrench Cult 2

Russian Gadget Hackwrench Cult 3

Russian Gadget Hackwrench Cult 4

Russian Gadget Hackwrench Cult 5

Russian Gadget Hackwrench Cult 6

Russian Gadget Hackwrench Cult 7

Russian Gadget Hackwrench Cult 8

Russian Gadget Hackwrench Cult 9

Russian Gadget Hackwrench Cult 10

Russian Gadget Hackwrench Cult 11

Russian Gadget Hackwrench Cult 12

Russian Gadget Hackwrench Cult 13

Russian Gadget Hackwrench Cult 14

Russian Gadget Hackwrench Cult 15

Russian Gadget Hackwrench Cult 16

Russian Gadget Hackwrench Cult 17

Russian Gadget Hackwrench Cult 18

Russian Gadget Hackwrench Cult 19

Russian Gadget Hackwrench Cult 20

Russian Gadget Hackwrench Cult 21

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Russian Gadget Hackwrench Cult 24

79 thoughts on “Russian Gadget Hackwrench Religion”

    • This is silly. I saw an interesting read that is worrying me more -the future of our GREAT NATION!!
      It is bleak!! Education is declining, young people turn into ignorant lazy blobs, no ambition except for the fast money!!!

      Few examples:
      Germany registers more patents in one year than the Soviet Union and Russia combined over the last half century.

      Russia spends only 0.75 percent of its gross domestic product on scientific R&D, while Japan, Israel, Sweden and many other countries spend more than 3 percent of GDP.

      Pharmaceutical companies spend from 13 percent to 16 percent of earnings on R&D, and telecommunications companies — up to 19 percent. In Russia, that indicator does not exceed 0.5 percent, and such national flagship corporations like Gazprom and Rosneft spend no more than a meager 0.17 percent on R&D.

      They bottom line, no body is investing money in innovation. The spend it on ‘prestige’ short term projects at best, but most of the time on expensive h00kers and ridiculous housing.

      • For once all Kirov’s all in complete agreement. This is strange too. Like these people worshiping little cartoon mouse. Let shrink analyze these pictures and find their leader. I would guess man in first foto in white jacket. He is their David Koresh.

  1. Come join me in my new religion: Flintstoneism. We will conduct strange ritual like wearing bearskins and walking barefoot. And every Monday we wear our Water Buffalo hats. Monday is our holy day, when we get big we will all have 3 day weekend.

  2. With a cult like this, I would take advantage and become the prophet, and having lots of followers, I would be central figure. just bring money….:)

    • So I’m thinking Japan is weird because they sell used panties in vending machines.

      But Russia has a fricking Cult that worships Gadget Hackwrench from Disney’s Chip and Dale: Rescue Rangers, Ch- Ch- Ch- Chip and Dale: RESCUE RANGERS!

    • Ow? do you really think so? You can only wish. We are have not any leaders and prophets. And nobody is taking money from us.

  3. Er… Ok, ya. Can’t be any more ridiculous than any of the invisible sky daddy religions.
    Personally, I’m a Pastafarian. All hail the Great Flying Spaghetti Monster!

  4. I love Russian culture. Ok… the dead brained balding zombie mob can’t believe that this is true because of years of Russian propaganda brainwash.

  5. Everyone copies us. Even France copies us, they just don’t have the class to admit it…..

    Disney is the best! I don’t mind England or Ireland or parts of the west. I just cannot stand propaganda…

    Capitalism is far more spiritual than woodland religions not academically understood by their followers.

  6. Oh, come on. That’s not serious, it’s just for lulzzzz.
    Like, for example, Ktulhu worshipping, or smth. You’re really taking it for a new sect, while it’s just a bunch of nerds who choosed a funny symbol from their childhood as a mascot. Technical fairy, why not?

  7. We had the dark elf dude with the sword, and the female
    forest ninja tribe, but these people really scare me 🙂
    anyway, fake

  8. This is not a joke – this is real. And the pics are from their every year meetings. They do it im march 15th.

  9. In reality, no single religion could guarantee us a place in Heaven. In the end, what matters is how we a treat other people.-`’

  10. March 15, 2009, 13 people took to the streets of Nizhny Novgorod with torches and a banner with the image of the mouse dressed in blue overalls. It was spring-like chill, still lay in drifts. But the marchers rotten weather is not worried.
    Those marching were lit up, and led the move as long as a post, a bearded man and did reminded of Moses carrying the Jewish table. Rounded the Novgorod Kremlin. We stopped at the castle wall. “Thank Gadget for a reason to come, I will tell posterity!” – Solemnly promised to a girl in a striped scarf. “Comrades, we are going to the city at night and have a light, just as it is Gadget Radiant, in Latin – Lyutsiferiya. Give us, Gadget, a bit like you! Touch us your invisible hand of the gold! “- Said in a singsong voice guy in an unbuttoned jacket. “On the torch can heat your nose …” – muttered skeptic, which is not warmed love. Then there were fireworks. Already in the apartment put a candle in a small home-made icons, cut the cake. So followers of the Gadget cult celebrated the religious holiday. Her birthday.

  11. Gaykoslavie – a young religion, which exists mainly on the Internet. During its formation followed by thousands of users (at least read the group “The Cult Gadget Radiant” in “VKontakte”), but the true believers of all people 40. Regular viewers of the Disney TV series “Chip ‘n Dale” sees only draw a mouse with a shock of orange hair, shifted her spectacles on her forehead ironworks and habits of subscribers of the journal “Young technician”: nuts do not feed them, give me something to make. But gaykoslavy when viewing experience catharsis. I feel the touch, or enlightenment … In general, they stoop so that words can not explain. After this middle-aged and seems very intelligent people are beginning to write about the Gadget with the capital letters (Her bright image, etc.), shouting “Ave Gadget!”, Trying to come up with the mouse on the link. “If life is ideal, there is a meaning to live and look … Gadget, where are you? How do I find you? “- misses Alexander-electronics. Early Gadget adepts allegedly designed the portal to go into another dimension, where the Gadget, and then calculated the coordinates of its appearance in our world. The idea was that the Gadget, as a brilliant designer, sooner or later teleported herself. No waiting.

  12. Looks like one of them California cults, the land of fruits and nuts. Maybe these people will take a pilgrimage to Disneyland and when they get there God will push Cali right off that shelf there.

  13. I’m russian and my english isn’t very well…
    I’ve found one pic with Gadget in web a couple of days ago, on a popular entertainment site, with a little article of who she is and her story. From that moment i just fell in love with her. I’ve watched the cartoon when i was some about 5 or 6 years old, but even now i can’t remember something from it except the tune, and i’m not interested in it now. But Gadget crashed me into pieces. Her beauty, intelligence, kindness, mixed with fix-it-girl image is so tempting. Her pics from the cartoon are wonderful, but there’re so much fanart where she looks just the ideal female. I look on her and think: what would i like to be changed in her? and understand- nothing. She’s perfect. In our dirty world She’s the only angel. I downloaded lots of her pictures within some days and keep looking and looking on her, just can’t take my eyes off. I absolutely understand the men who started the cult, because Gadget gives all us the hope that there’s the endless beauty in our world. The ideal girl. Which we’ll never meet in reality.
    I love you, Gadget.

  14. Chip: I always figured Gadget had a lot of fans, but I wasn’t expecting this! I wonder if she knows…?

    Dale: Wowie! I wonder if Gadget knows how to say ‘Golly’ in Russian? She might have to learn how!

  15. Gadget is absolute perfection! She is the ideal female! Strong, smart, and beautiful! No wonder people have a hard time accepting a faith based on her.I have loved her ever since I first saw her on tv. I even have her tattooed on me! Long live Gadget!

  16. I will start a counter-cult dedicated to Tanya Mousekewitz from An American Tail, the true ideal female! It’ll be like Christianity vs Islam all over again.

  17. Твою ж мать…вот из за таких уродов и стыдно перед другими…самое печальное что ЭТО правда…

  18. I honestly can say, you can have some interest in a disney character, but all of this is just too much. True Gadget is an ideal female and we play her in our life as our alter ego secretly, but worshiping a cartoon character is a bad depection on how you can ruined your reputation in life if your part of that group. Just stop worshipping odd things. Seriously.

  19. I feel like saying to them, people come to your senses! Renounce the false idol! Begin to worship the Jewish carpenter who lived two thousand years ago!

  20. Fascinating. Where is this cult? And none of this “In Russia.” I would like to know, what city? How do I find them? I am simply fascinated by people like this, and I have found within myself an innate desire to converse with these, and similar, people.

  21. I am interested by the circuit board picture. Is it some sort of clock circuit? Also, the silk screen print on the circuit board is elaborate. Did one of these people make this circuit board at home? There must be true technical knowledge in this group. I admire that. I would like to talk to these people and learn more. Perhaps these people just need some technical mentoring to help develop their skills and knowledge. Whatever the case, they seem to have found good friends in each other. People with advanced knowledge can be very lonely sometimes.

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