Smash it With Showel and More

Russian fun

A secret document has leaked revealing some of the inner directives of one
of the military agencies. It reveals the exact information on how to fight and
intercept latest stealth jets of enemy states. We’ve got our copy here and translated
those. Title says: “Hit with showel all the weak spots of F117”.  Then more detailed
instructions go: “Hit the navigation dashboard and armaments controls with a showel.” “Hit the pilots place.” “By hitting the surface of the plane with a showel you make the anti-radar stealth surface damaged”
“Put the small stones inside the engines with a showel”.
I don’t know guys, maybe someone can use that, so we published.
Inside we have one more infographics.

This one next now is giving the directions on how to make some Korean
ultra-small gas-saving city car out  of trash bin. Might be useful too:

Russian fun 2

It’s pretty self-descriptive, but we have the translations too:
1. Get the trash bin.
2. Release it from all the parts we won’t use.
3. Add some useful elements.
4. After some fast tuning we are getting the car ready.

Good luck with that too!

And now some serious stuff. This one below is a real painting back from 1800s.
It is put on display in Russian most prominent galleries “Tretiakovka” so anyone can
check it there by themselves. It shows a scene from a study process in a village school back then.
There is a teacher and a bunch of children. Then all attention goes to the blackboard:

Russian fun 3

It has some task for the kids that seem to puzzle them, but that’s just a temporary confusion.
They all look to be ready for the challenge. The name of this art masterpiece is something like
“Oral maths test in village school”. It gets what it means – no calcs involved, just mind skills of
counting, even without any piece of paper and pencil. So now the question – can any contemporary
city school kid do that? I am not sure.
In case you can’t see it clear on the painting there is that task below:

Russian fun 4

Ok, that’s all with that today. Stay tuned or something!


32 thoughts on “Smash it With Showel and More”

  1. answer is 2!

    from google:^2%2B11^2%2B12^2%2B13^2%2B14^2%29%2F365&meta=&aq=&oq=%2810^2%2B11^2%2B12^2%2B13^2%2B14^2%29%2F365&fp=afdd3123283b287d

  2. Not funny neither interesting post


    • I confirm that my faker gave the right answer: 2.

      On a side note, are you people aware that here in Russia every year 14.000 women get killed by domestic voilence ???

      Is more important than this nonsense post.

  3. the f117a is a nasty beast. unless in flight, it leaks everywhere, and needs intense care before every mission, or you’ll lose the stealth capabilities.

    not surprising you can take one out with low-tech gear.

    • You are confusing it with the SR-71 BlackBird. That palne leaked fuel until it reached cruising speed. Then it would expand due to the heat from friction and all the leaks would stop. That was a 1956 design.

      The F-117, aside from its stealthy shape, was a conventional plane. It did require fly-by-wire because of its poor flight characteristics, but so do most modern fighters. It was a 1978 design.

  4. Great, the National Security Forces just got orders to confiscate all shovels in America. Nice going ER, now I gotta use my hands to dig a garden.

      • The B-2 is a late eighties design which focused on TODDLER-KILLING. It was actually developed after the B-1b which was a low level PRETEEN-KILLING bomber. While both weapon platforms are highly efficient in their roles, it is rumoured that the Pentagon has begun development of new FETUS-KILLING bombers. We can only hope.

        Thank you,

        • Yanks will always be baby-killers operating from the sky, because they are cowards who are afraid to fight on the ground like real men.

          • Thank You! Keep communicating with me. We have almost honed in on where you live. Just a few more go-rounds and we’ll have it.

            Your new friend,

    • The F-117 stealth fighter first flew in 1978. That’s all we had in the 70’s was BABY-KILLING technology. Thankfully, we have retired the F-117 and that is all behind us now.

      In the spirit of the great change brought to us by the Obama Presidency, we would like to now reveal our new TEENAGER-KILLING technology! Thank you for your support!

      Your’s truely,

    • Painter is Nikolay Bogdanov-Belsky
      Born: 1868, Sitiki village, Russia
      Dead: winter 1945, Berlin, Germany
      Education: Imperial Academy of Arts, St.Petersburg, Russian Empire ( )

  5. but shovelling the plane make’s a lot of sense, just imagine, a mach 1 plane being hit by a thrown shovel

    instant destruction!

    plus the shovel is cheap

    ultimate anti-stealth weapon!

  6. I wonder what jet aircraft you couldn’t do the same things to to disable them? This is especially true with the putting gravel in the engine, and smashing the control panel with a shovel.

  7. Not hard to calculate by head: Most science major people know that 10*10=100. 11*11=121. 12*12=144. Total 365.
    So, 13*13=9+60+100, and 14*14=6+90+100. Total 365. Two 365. The answer is 2.

  8. It’s actually not so surprising: in many schools in Moscow with leaning towards mathematics and science (including the one I went to) you are required to know the squares of all integers up to at least 20.

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