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  1. In our country if you want to fit in you have to drink!! A lot!! And better start early, like our children. I drank my first vodka at the age of 5 I think. Beer, before that.

    As an after effect I now lose my hair and cannot get it up anymore [but I’m already 30+, which is old for Russia’s standards – men die here in general before they are 54 yrs old]. So not that bad

    • Oksana Baiul, Olympic skating champion, says she had four or five mixed drinks before crashing her Mercedes in Connecticut on Jan 12 1997, but insists she was not drunk. A culture of drink does indeed appear to exist; she told the court that as a Russian, it would be a near insult to think she was impaired with this amount of alcohol in her system. Happily, she acknowledged her problem, was treated, and hasn’t crashed any more cars. The first step of the twelve: We admitted we were powerless over alcohol—that our lives had become unmanageable.

    • cdi.org/russia/johnson/7023-14.cfm

      Kirov is right!!! So I guess you are not Russian [since you are an optimist] and he is definately!!!

    • You’ve started drinking at the age of 5. Thank you for your being true. Now I can see the reason why you are posting such a trash.
      If you are a russian then you must know that in Russia it’s prohibited to walk drunk down the street or you may be taken into the specail medical police office.(vytrezvitel)
      Of course there are a plenty of drunkards but not much more than in Finland or Germany, for example

      • That’s not funny at all when they taking you to the special medical service for having two bottles of beer as my fellow told to me. Of course in Russia one can see a lot of people drinking beer and low-alcoholic beverages in the streets but not much of them are heavy drunk.
        The police should get them fined for it instead of counting the bribes.


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