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Old cars cemetery is not a funny sight at all. Looking at those shadows of the past you start unconsciously think of the eternal things. As if with real man’s eyes they glare at you with their headlights and you can even see a bit of reproach in their look. Recently a newsperson from one of the Russian auto magazines went to a place where they junk cars to see what’s going to happen with our iron horses that already have had their days.

The junking state program is not started yet and so it is quite difficult to collect this junk garbage around the streets of Moscow. People growing greedy and do not want to junk their precious cars, even if they are old enough.


All the cars that were sent to a disposal plant couldn’t possibly refresh your eye. However, you can find some interesting specimens there.


Legendary car GAZ towers the pile of these miserable cars. Alas, there are no collectors in the real life that are hardy enough to renovate such an epic make of car.


Before a car is ready to be junked it needs to be dismantled: all the spare parts like tyres and batteries are being taken to pieces to be delivered to other places for further junking.



When all the spare parts are taken off, the car is being sent to a desiccation. It becomes dewatered: fuel, engine oil and coolant are drained off. Altogether, an average car gives 1-3 litres of gas and 25-30 litres of other liquids.






The navvy that is engaged in junking process looks like some monster. With its quick grab every car gets caught right off the bat.




After the desiccation they send the car to the mincing-machine where it’s being chopped to tiny pieces.











And then, all that left from the car was only a pile of metal, foam plastic, ashes and some other stuff.



Most of the old cars that need to be junked are unsafe ones. Sadly that passenger safety is the last thing for authorities and car manufacturers.


After the mincing-machine deal is over all car remnants are being transported to a special shredder where they’re threshed at the rate of 600 RPM.




Just a pile of trash – that’s what will be left from a car. For one hour such a disposal plant can junk more than 50 cars. But there are just 6 plants of such kind in Russia (3 in Moscow, 1 in Saint-Petersburg, 1 in Krasnodar and 1 in Novosibirsk.) It is unknown how the rest of the cities would junk old cars as more than 50 companies are announced to participate in the campaign. Maybe, using expedient means… Who knows.


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  1. This is a good solution to a car waste problem, but you know what would be even better, if someone finally fixed the EnglishRussia forum.

  2. That makes me sad…. What a waste of a GAZ 21! I would have loved to have owned it and rebuilt it, but now that can never be….

  3. I have gaz-21 here in Finland udner construction. It is sad that junk car piles are not found by car enthusiasts so they could save parts they need. For example if some has decent condition gaz-21 streering wheel, i am in need…. 🙂

  4. I would like to have an old Lada Niva or something, heck they were even sold in Canada at one point. I would gladly trade my Grand Caravan for one 😀 but, even a Niva is probably worth more than my hunk of junk.

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