Missile Forces Museum


There is a unique museum located on the territory of the former Soviet Union, and to be more precise, in Ukraine. In the museum there are displayed many exhibits of Strategic Missile Forces. There is no other museum of such kind in the whole world; except one that is located in the USA, but tourists are not allowed there and all the guided tours are prohibited. On this photo you can see intercontinental ballistic missile CC-18 “Satan.”

That’s how entrance to the former military unit looks. Now there are some rocket showpieces are exhibited in the inside court.









After you’ve got inside, your guide will take you around and explain everything. That is a map with the locations of all the missile bases on the territory of Ukraine.


Then the photographic exhibition of some Japanese person goes. Maybe it is not clearly seen on the photos, but the author was really terrified by the panorama of hollow cites.




After the above-ground tour is over the guide leads the excursionists underground to show them a launch control center. The launch control center is a 16 story underground building with lots of different and tricky outfit. All the people on the photos are just tourists.






When you’re coming out of this underground hell, the missile from the beginning of the article with such a grim name waits us outside. On the shots you can see engine of the missile and a shipping unit for the warhead of this bird.







And these are tow cars for transportation and for demolition/assemblage of missile launching tube.



Missile launching tube with opened lid weighing approximately 120 tonnes.



Using 2 intercontinental ballistic missiles CC-18 “Satan” you could wipe off the UK and France altogether from the face of the Earth.

All ten missile launching tubes could be launched not only with the pressing of red button but with: destruction of the launch control center itself, launching of radio missile from Moscow or when some alien rocket hit the lid of missile launching tube.

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    • As always for all the trash in Russia and Ukraine the best and the cheapest way for them is to put a single advertisement or cartel that the trash place is the new site museum!!! heheheheh so funny!!!

    • Smart to hide your most dagerous weapons in full view. May be not all is lost here in Russia.

      Oh… I was not supposed to say that ???


  1. Actually i live not far from there…
    damn i need to go there)))

    48° 11′ 11″ N, 30° 39′ 55″ E This is position of this museum…

    need more info? Ask me by ICQ 485618191

    • Thanks for the coordinates. It appears to be about 113 miles due north of Odessa. Kind of out in the middle of nowhere…..as we say in US.

      • 46° 24′ 11″ N, 30° 32′ 18″ E Here is position for nuclear weapons near Odessa…

        and this one near my town 49° 17′ 16″ N, 28° 20′ 17″ E also launch position for Voevoda(Satan)…

        During cold war, my town was targeted by 9 nuclear missiles from the NATO side… cause here is command center of 43 Rocket Army and Ukrainian Air Forces…
        Cause my town isn’t snap shooted in Google Ass)))

      • The Japanese were working on atomic weapons and may have even tested one. Should USA have waited until they dropped A-bomb on us? If the Japanese had a working, operational A-bomb they would have used it. Or maybe you would prefer a land invasion of Japan and destruction of it’s ancient culture? Not to mention millions of deaths.

        • actually such quick act by the US was taken just because Russia was just about done with Germany and was about to carry out its promise to the US to move in on the Japs. In a nutshell, the US didn’t want Russians in Japan. Your entire comment is based on no facts whatsoever. During the de-militarisation of Japan, no operational nukes were found.
          And about destroying the japanese culture…give me a break

        • Because warrior culture in Japan isn’t totally annihilated right now…..

          They would have been better under USSR because right now they’re just slaves to America

    • Wrong, both the Americans and teh Soviets had some substantial help for their rocket programmes. In both cases, it was German scientists and engineers who first developped missiles, the so called V-weapons. After the war they more or less voluntarily cooperated in the Soviet and American missile programs.

    • Russia still can’t produce a frying pan that does not stick or a vacuum cleaner that actually svcks something.

      We are not proud of that.

    • OMG EnglishRussia Forum is still not fixed? Damn Computer Nerds probably goofying off play games and hijacking BBs instead of fixing ER Forum!

  2. Of course Soviets copied. Soviets copied a way to clean the teeth, a way to eat a food, a way to calculate 2 + 2, a way to use mobile phones, a way to watch TV, etc…

    • It is a reference to the Soviet dead hand system. Should a missile hit the launch control center, the missiles would fire automatically, thus ensuring retaliation in the case of an attack. Likewise, there were other systems in place that would assure retaliation no matter what in case of a surprise attack. This system was not know to the West, but rather to Soviet commanders. It was supposed to keep them from accidentally firing an attack when they were not sure one was aimed at them. It worked by assuring the commanders that no matter what, vengeance would be meted out by the system.

    • It means what it says: if someone attacked it, they would launch automatically – plus, they could be remotely launched, from Moscow 😛

  3. Stop watching me Finnish, you Freaky Fascinating Creature! 😛

    Congrats Ukrainian Brothers and Sisters!

    Looks like interesting Missile Forces Museum. I hope to visit!

    Yes Finnish, when I go to Chernobyl. Why you look at me like that again, you great enigma.

    Great Photographs and Post! Thank You Photographer and ER Peoples!

  4. Musa what are you doing? I haven’t even commented and you are talking to me! But it’s alright, I’m atleast equally confused. Too much chocolate biscuits!

    Cool article as usual! But I should stop nagging about the darn tags!

    Hiroshima and Nagasaki never forget! It was terrible!

    • You bewilder the Hell out of me Finnish.

      I never heard of chocolate biscuits. Do you mean chocolate cookies or cakes, like cupcakes or brownies? Biscuits are like crackers aren’t they? We have biscuits in United States but I haven’t heard of chocolate biscuits. Please enlighten me about these chocolate biscuits.

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  6. russia is simply awesome thanks to english russia i can have a peek into the mighty ussr. i have always been an admirer of the mighty USSR….wow simply wow

    • Your mighty USSR is history, gone, kaputski. Uncle Sam lent you money to buy rope, sold you the rope, and mighty USSR hung itself with rope. Let’s review: Uncle Sam, made rope, lent USSR money to buy rope, and then sold USSR rope, and then mighty USSR hung itself. Got that? Just in case you sleepy euro socialists dream of great revival due to current econonmic slump-not to going to happen.

    • You only got sent to Siberia if you:
      1. Were a criminal
      2. Neglected military or political duties
      3. Were a traitor
      And very few people were executed, once you served your term you were free to go.

      It’s not the hell/concentration camp/DMV American propaganda said it was.

      Additionally, USSR did not fail because of credit or anything America did, this is only what Reaganites believe. It failed because it couldn’t manage an effective bureaucratic system of checks and balances which provided a net profit.

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