Polar Bears Prefer Bread

Polar bears on Russian submarine

Russian sailors serving on submarines has noticed interesting fact – the most preferred food for polar bears is bread, they like it very much, just look on those photos, how they risking their lives jump from one ice piece to another to get closer to the submarine and ask some more of this when the submarine appears on the surface of the cold polar ocean breaking the thin ice apart.

Polar bears on Russian submarine 2

Polar bears on Russian submarine 3

Polar bears on Russian submarine 4

Polar bears on Russian submarine 5

38 thoughts on “Polar Bears Prefer Bread”

  1. Someone should have a quiet word with the Sailors. First they should not be dumping anything over the side it is against the maritime law. Second it would give their position away, the opposition could determine the type boat, her crew and more importantly how long they have been at sea, therefore how long until they have to return to get supplies. Lastly plastic if ingested would kill our big white cuddly friend. So if anybody out there has any influence with the seaman, please ask them not to discharge garbage over the side, compact it and take it back,,, thanks.
    Otherwise nice shots and thanks again.

  2. Polar bears can swim in this water, by the way. Unless they swim near the propeller I don’t think they are risking their lives by jumping from patches of ice.

  3. Very easy to determine many things just from flotsam & jetsam, plastic wrappers make it even easier. We were scooping up discarded material from ships in WW2 before the introduction of bar codes, and plastic wrappers, with eat before dates conveniently stamped on them. The tiniest bits of jetsam can give away lots of relevant information. A sample of oil can tell you what ship it came off of. Some excrement floats which can give you lots of information, far too an interesting subject to go into in such a short time.

    • The Green Tiger, you are BSing. You can’t figure out what type of ship it is by studying the oil, or how long it has been at sea or where its position is by checking some food or plastic. At best it could say “the ship MAY have been somewhere close”. So really, there is no danger to the Sub. If there was they wouldn’t be doing it (and I trust the Captains rather than some armchair general).

      You have a point about plastic killing Polar bears though.

    • I did say “can” not “will”.
      An oil sample “will” divulge the source.
      Tankers have been prosecuted for discharging ballast whilst at sea, see.
      There are more.

  4. Tauper,
    Animals have the digestive ability to break down organic substances not inorganic plastics. Not only that, but plastic can block off the sphincter mussels, the animal will then starve over a long period. I have operated on many a wild animal that has ingested plastic, and had its life endangered, by mans carelessness and thoughtlessness.

    • I wasn’t disagreeing with you Tiger, infact I completely agree with what you wrote. I was delighted by your way with words and your use of the nick, “The Green Tiger” and you already know why that is.

      I’m also impressed with your knowledge of Flotsametrics!

      BTW do you like sailing and do you scuba dive?

    • I understand πŸ™‚

      Maybe in the EnglishRussia Forum once they correct the comment posting issue, if it’s not already corrected.

  5. I was in the US Navy and feeding wild animals is not in their best interest. Soon they will associate the subs with food and then comes the disaster. Just enjoy to look at them and take photos but no food. They are well adapted to find their own food.

    • That is not hard to believe.My cousin Kimberly was in the navy.It is no longer just a mans world.You can do anything if you apply yourself to it.I am not against the ER admin but it would be nice if a different comment posting system was installed πŸ™‚

      • What country are you and your cousin from?

        As a woman I have a different perception of the World. It’s a man’s World. I am thankful for the opportunities some of us women have at this time.

        I have no ill feelings for the EnglishRussia Administration. I love this website and I appreciate all the ER people do. And I adore FAO.

        I dislike the comment system sometimes myself as everyone probably knows.

        So it goes. πŸ™‚

  6. Yes, people, it is rude to mother nature to throw plastic garbage from your clean eco friendly nuclear subs (with candy tipped nuclear missiles)!

  7. its disappointing to see this part of world polluted with trash (although I’m sure other navies do it as well).

    Also you not supposed to feed wild animals, but if you are gonna feed them at least take the wrappers off.

  8. Remove the plastic wrappers first. Also, fatty meats such as hot dogs or bacon would be guaranteed preferrable to bread. A sailor would be even more preferrable! Cruise ships dump enormous amounts of garbage to sea as well. If this is an isolated occurrence, no behavior would be changed on behalf of the bear, when the sub leaves it would go back to munching seals.

    • Latvia is Russia’s biggest threat, isn’t it?

      Green tiger you comment about flotsam was very well thought out. I used to have to track radio operators by the manner in which they spoke on the air. The viet cong used the mannerisms of one Australian officer to track him though out Vietnam.


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