Bogorodsky toys factory


Formerly work in the walls of this factory was in full swing, today due to scanty earnings , most of the employees work at home, and the number of those who want to work at the factory is becoming only less. But despite all the difficulties the Bogorodsky toy is alive.

The toys are made of lime that is dried for 4 years. This wood is soft and easy to work with.



















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  1. Pretty neat. Their stuff is for sale online, too. I’d be inclined to buy it if I weren’t for Russia’s slightly unreliable postal service.

  2. Oooo… Where can I buy some of these?

    How tragic it would be to close this factory.

    The United States needs to stop importing those cheap plastic Chinese toys and import these beautifully handcarved wooden Russian ones instead.

    This is a wonderful post, thank you. πŸ™‚

  3. These toys are great. I purchased a number of them as gifts on my first visit to Russia. The adults in the USA had a great time playing with them. πŸ™‚

    I recommend them as gifts. They reflect Russian culture in ways that surprise many Americans. I like them both unpainted and the colorful painted ones.

    If every visited purchased these toys, they would keep the factory very busy.

  4. My handcarved wooden buttplug turned out to be a major success!! But in hindsight, it should have been painted. Now it smells odd and has a nasty color. I can’t leave it lying around anymore, it upsets my mother.

  5. I have on of these Bogorodsky toys here in the US. Little rabbit pulling up a carrot. I love it, and all of the styles influenced by Russian animal tales and Yvgeny Rachev.

  6. Lovely and refreshing to see a toy that is not made from Plastic!
    My only hope is that the wood is sustainable.

  7. These are really pretty. And hand made too! Such a shame that some factories are closing down. And I have to agree with the previous poster that these are much better than the plastic things you get from China.

  8. i always loveto work at home because you are more comfortable in a home setting compared to an office setting.:.

  9. i always loveto work at home because you are more comfortable in a home setting compared to an office setting;'”

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