Winter beauty of “Zaklyuchye” estate


“Zaklyuchye” is a very beautiful estate right in-between St. Petersburg and Moscow. It is situated in about 40 km from the highway and the shortest way to get there – from Moscow by a dirt road where not any car can go as the snow on some parts is too high, but the views around are so picturesque that you forget about everything – that is what the real Russian winter must be!

“Zaklyuchye” estate is located in the scenic woodland, on a high shore of a little lake.


It used to belong to a St. Petersburg architect A.S. Khrenov and was built in the end of the 19th century, probably, upon his own project. Currently the estate is being unhurriedly restored – most bridgings have been changed and one of the collapsed walls of the second floor has been re-edified.


Approximately in 1904 Khrenov established a stud farm here for pedigreed horses breeding. The porch was glazed already in the Soviet time.


Inhabitable structures of the estate are located on the high range of hills skirted by a dirt road. In the southern part of the hills representing an even terrace is a main house facing the lake with its eastern façade. The main house was built of bricks with a high use of boulders in the laying. The building has a complex asymmetrical form.


In front of the main façade is a parterre where still remained an old birch and flowerbeds surrounded by concrete parapets: a round one in the centre and two triangle ones – concave and short – on each side. Two more semicircular flowerbeds are settled on the sides of the path in front of the southern façade of the house. From the south the edge of the terrace is arranged with a high bouldery abamurus with two “bulwarks” of trihedral and semicircular shape.


Enclose pattern – similar on both floors – free and asymmetric.


On the second floor, in the tower, there is a spiral stair up and a balcony.


The front door in the tower and a corresponding aperture open into another room reveal a diagonal axis of the layout. Numerous new partitions disturbed the initial interconnection of the rooms.


In the Soviet time there was a Pioneer camp in the estate, for that time it was rather common.


The view from the window on the second floor.


On the roof.


To the north from the house, on the higher place, there is a dwelling out-house, and in front of its southern façade there remained an octahedral fountain with a bouldery wall. The northern part of the range is overgrown with conifers.


This tank house also appeared in the Soviet time.


Stone stairs in the park.


15 thoughts on “Winter beauty of “Zaklyuchye” estate”

  1. Beautiful! It is really sad that a treasure such as this was allowed to deteriorate. But I am really glad to see that somebody is working on restoring this beautiful house. I would love to see some pictures when this wonderful house has been fully restored. Thank you for these pictures.

  2. You don’t see these in Canada. I am always amazed here when they show all these abandonded properties, even towns! What happened to everybody?
    The tower would have made a wonderful sniping location…

  3. I’m happy to know someone is restoring this old place too.

    If I owned this house, I would lose that ugly spiral stairway on the second floor and open up the top.

    When restoration was complete, I’d plant a black high gloss 5’10” to 6’6″ grand piano in that area.
    I would love to see photographs when the home is restore as well.

  4. I was recommended to your blog by a close friend of mine and wanted to know what the buzz was all about.. now I know why she was so very excited about it. thakn heaven I found you at the theright time. You certainly rock and same is the case with your blog too. I enjoy reading every post of yours and sometimes, a confession here, might end up reading it often.

  5. Just imagine this house after its fully restored. I happy people are restoring this structures instead of allowing them to disintegrate. This would be a wonder house to live in until Winter.

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