Tatiana Day


Back in 1755 year, when the Julian calendar was still on, on the 12-th of January according to the old calendar and on the 25-th of January according to the new one empress Elizabeth signed an order to establish the most popular and premium Moscow State University that soon afterwards became the center of Russian culture. Later on in a campus of the university there was built a church of martyr Tatiana and the saint herself was declared as a patroness of Russian studentship. And since then by the students themselves this day was considered as the day when all mid-term exams in most of Russian universities were over and days of heavy partying could be started. In 2005, the 25-th of January was recognized as official Day of Studentship across the Russian Federation.

In spite of heavy frost, all the students are outdoors to celebrate their groupmates with the end of another term and 255-th anniversary of their university. It is -23C (-10F) outside, but according to the old tradition, the director of MSU serves a round of medovukha or honey beer for their student not to let them be cold. After the celebration in every university of Russia is over and the director recited his speech, all students are welcome to the Red Square where the Moscow authorities arranged musical performance with all Russian pop and rock stars participating.










But wait… Students hardly went 5 blocks away from their university as they saw something weird at the entrance of one theater located nearby. The whole army of snowmen. How come? And who could be that? It seems that someone wanted to make a surprise to the students on their own day!






And that’s not the first time people saw numerous snowmen made in the streets of different cities. Here are some of them:


After the concert is over, the students have choice to go to their friends’ apartments to continue partying there or to one of the night clubs of the city they live in.

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  1. Maybe I go to Moskov State University to learn how to be Hot Russian Nerd instead.

    University of Arizona don’t have honey beer!

    I want honey beer too!

    Ha Ha I love those little snowball creatures! Thanks for Post.

  2. We have one building like this in our capital in Warsaw. It is a “a gift” from Russia. A gift which had to be paid for our money.

  3. Russians and Canadians know how to party in the cold. Except we tend to have Ski-Doo’s with our screwdrivers. Do they snowmobile over there? Never seem to see any pics on it…

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