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Everyone knows about big-named Guinness Book of World Records, but nobody ever heard about some Russian book of Russian records. Recently we found out that such a book exists. It is called Marvel and we are proudly present first post with the most extraordinary records from the book. Our theme for today is Human.

Russian giant


The tallest man on the Earth was not American Robert Wadlow (his height was just 272cm or 9 feet) but Russian man Fyodor Makhov. He was 285 cm or 9.5 feet tall and his weight was 182 kilos or 405 lb. Makhov died in 1905 and was aged 25.

The hairiest ones

The hairiest people on the Earth were father and son Evtikhaevi, farmers from Kostroma region. Everybody called them “dog-people.” In 70’s of the last century they were a hit of all Russian fares. Bodies and faces of Adrian and Fyodor were covered with hair all over.

Twins and doubles

The most extraordinary world record became 16 pair of twins born of Russian farmer woman who lived in 18-th century.

First wife of Fyodor Vasilyev, who lived in Shuisky region, gave birth 27 times: 16 twins (world record), 7 triplets and 4 quadruplets. 67 children had survived and what is most amazing thing, the overwhelming majority of them lived through the elderly.

The oldest triplets


On the 5-th of March, 1939, in Ukrainian city Yevpatoria in the family of Medvedev’s there were born triplets twins – Svetlana, Valentina and Nadezhda girls. Thus far there are no triplets twins oldest than Medvedev sisters. All of them got secondary and higher education and reared a child. Moreover, all of them have grandchildren. By the way, in addition they are the most similar triplets as well. While on a presentation of a record book “Marvel-90” they came up at the platform dressed in the same clothes, no one could tell who was who.

104 years within marriage

This unusual world marriage record was made by Dzhafarovi family from Yanshak village (Azerbaijan.) Ilyas and Hatin until quite recently were the oldest married couple in the world as well (Hatin died in 1990 aged 120 years.)

48 children adopted


Alexandra Derevskaya from Ukrainian town Romni adopted 48 children of different nationalities (17 of them were girls and 31 boys.)

Alexandra was born in 1902 in Grozny city, her father was oil worker. In between two wars – the Civil War and the Great Patriotic one – she became a foster mother of 14 children. A bit after she adopted 34 children more. At a time 22-25 children were at school. Alexandra Derevskata died in summer 1959.

Long life secret


In Azerbaijan mountain village Pirassura, which is located 2200 meters or 7200 feet high, Mahmud Eyvazov lived for 152 years (1808 – 1960.) Till the very last days he worked at the field, took baths in spring water and slept in the open. He was the head of the family consisting of 150 members. His time in employment was 135 years.

He believed that long life secret is hidden in five living conditions: daily labor, cold-treated body, hardened nerves, good character, healthy food and mountain climate.

Two mausoleums



There are 2 embalmed dead bodies known at the territory of CIS countries and which are located in mausoleums: Vladimir Ilyich Lenin (1870-1924) in Moscow and well-known surgeon that was a participant of heroic defensive operation of Sevastopol city, Nikolay Ivanovich Pirogov. His body is located in Ukrainian town called Vinnitsa.

Method that his body was embalmed with is still unknown. They say that receipt for his mummification was composed by Pirogov himself.

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  1. “272cm or 10 feet”
    feet is about 30cm (12 inches. 2.54*12 = 30.48cm) so 272cm is about 8.9 ft
    “He was 285 cm or 10.5 feet tall” same story. 9.3 ft

  2. you got Makhov and the oldest triplets as well as miss Derevskaya, the two mausoleums and the secret of how to get old.
    I have to ask : You have story’s from a big and a grate nation, so are you surprised?
    It is funny to listen and read a bragging voice from your country but knowing that you are 1/3 of the planet. Look what your nation did was bringing the most interesting literature and music to our culture, and your great nation even thought about them as vandals and they were fugitives some of them even died in in the great Gulag.
    Compare that to a tallest guy in russia.!

  3. WHy there are only a few picture here?? book of record sould rich with picture, measurement, scale, bla…bla…bla….for proof for sure??

  4. I am fascinated with Fyodor Makhov’s massive hands! I bet he could whomp old nasty Hag a good one with those bad boys! Hmmm…such a happy thought!

    • That’s because there is no proof of some of them…. for instance this 152 man: I highly doubt he was that old, his papers simply got lost, and he claimed he was this old…. and this supposed he originally had papers: I don’t think very accurate birth certificates were made in a remote village in the Caucasus in 1808….

      • True. There used to be many stories about people more than 120 years old, but all were fake. They adjusted their date of birth to get better pensions and no records existed so was easy.

      • Exactly… Kinda reminds me of the supposedly “18 year-old” female Chinese gymnasts at the last Olympics. Complete and total BS!

        • Moses never had the famus Caucasus bacteria.. the notorius “skyr” . A white substanse .
          But Moses did a 137 years overall and only ate yogurt . so how come you russian peterastof, get old but still you are eating american pizza.?

  5. It should be clear that town of Evpatoria is located in Crimea and back in 1939 it was the part of Russia not Ukraine. The last one got Crimea only in 1954.

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